Digital advertising

Target the right customers with relevant, personalized ads no matter where they are across the web.


Convert more customers right here, right now.

In a world where users are bombarded with digital ads, the only way to capture their attention is speaking to them in a way that feels authentically one-on-one. Doing so requires a knowing when your audience is on any given platform, then delivering relevant content that matches where they are on the customer journey.

Adobe Marketo Engage helps you put the powerful, personalized digital ads in front of your most promising customers wherever they roam on the web. Segment audiences by interests and preferences, then leverage those segments across the world’s most popular ad platforms — including Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn — to deliver engaging, effective display ads. Identify which paid search ads deliver the best customers by capturing online and offline conversions so you can improve your ad spend. Finally, use insights from Audience Hub to retarget both known and anonymous visitors with new, optimized ads that get them to convert.


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Native integrations

  • Activate lead- and account-based audiences through native integrations with Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, and LinkedIn.
  • Conveniently orchestrate acquisition, retargeting, and awareness ad campaigns from a centralized hub.

Multi-touch attribution

  • Automatically upload offline marketing conversion data back to paid media tools to optimize ad spend for the highest performing ads.
  • Import ad performance data into Adobe Bizible’s multi-touch attribution models to better understand what content performs best.

Automate personalized experiences

  • Sync audiences across ad networks to retarget anonymous and known site visitors with personalized ads.
  • Integrate lead gen ad forms to automatically ingest submitted data and trigger email and nurture campaigns.

Target and retarget

  • Target and retarget customers across Youtube, Google Search, Gmail and more by leveraging Adwords and its suite of lookalike audience-building and targeting capabilities.

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