Breaking the right ground.

Visionary CIOs are chief business transformers. Regardless of how the role was seen when it was first conceived in the 1980s, more and more often they report directly to the CEO. Because they maintain, optimize, and often select the technology of customer experience, they are in a unique position to enable real-time insights, personalization at scale, and experience-driven innovation.


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Percent of global CIOs reporting to CEOs.

“As CIOs, our role isn’t just about technology enablement. It’s customer facing.”

Cynthia Stoddard, Adobe CIO

Getting a new perspective.

Data is one of the key pieces that connects the CIO to the customer experience. Historically, however, the technology to unlock the full potential of data was spread across multiple solutions, making it extremely difficult to weave into a unified customer view. But technology evolves — and today, CIOs are in a position to enable true, real-time customer profiles based on every data source to push the boundaries of customer experience like never before.


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“Companies need the technological infrastructure to move from a 360-degree customer view to a new perspective —a 4D customer view.” 

Brad Rencher, General Manager, Adobe Experience Cloud

Drawing up the right plans.

When it comes to customer experience, technology is only half the story. Especially when it comes to data. Turning siloed data owners into team players takes a clear strategy that originates in the C-suite and conveys the need for data unification, standardization, and governance — all in the name of better customer experiences. It means highlighting the benefits that every department — as well as the business overall — will receive by consolidating data in the first place.


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72% of global enterprise IT decision-makers say that their data landscape is complex with the variety and number of data sources.

Jim Rivera, Head of Product, Adobe Experience Platform

Sharing the vision.

When the CIO brings the technology and data, data scientists  can do what they do best. Right away, they can apply their  skills in data modeling, machine learning, and AI for business and customer intelligence. It’s what happens when tech experts and data experts play well together — and it’s the basis for great customer experiences. 


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Bringing the emotion.

No one knows what kind of data will unlock the best customer experiences in the future. For example, more companies today are bringing in data that tracks customer emotions. But one thing is certain — CIOs need to bring in future-proof technology to take advantage of what’s coming. 


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