Engagement map

Simple, built-in customer engagement visualizations make it easy to manage, evaluate, and fine-tune interconnected and deeply nested campaigns.


Get the map to easier campaign management.

Running multiple, interconnected campaigns is complicated. And the results are not always what you expect. Deciphering campaigns so teams can locate and remedy errors is difficult enough. Couple that with ensuring stakeholders have the relevant insights they need, and you get a complicated task even for the most knowledgeable team members. Adobe designed a better way — a simple, elegant solution to make sense of sophisticated campaigns.

Engagement map — an out-of-the-box feature of Marketo Engage — lets teams manage, fine-tune, and validate smart campaigns using visualization. It makes it easier to understand complex workflows, enables fast troubleshooting, and provides insights to groups across the organization. What’s more, the simplicity of the visualization means new team members can onboard quickly and start contributing.

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See what makes engagement map work.

Out-of-the-box visuals

Get an automatic, detailed visualization of your smart campaigns with a single click of the engagement map button in the Marketo Engage interface.

Campaign settings

Configure, activate, or schedule campaigns from a single place.

Export and share

Use the export feature to share campaign visualization and ensure stakeholder alignment.

Workflow evaluation

Visualize interconnected or deeply nested campaigns to quickly pinpoint and resolve any errors across an entire customer journey.

Engagement map does the hard work for you.

With the engagement map feature in Marketo Engage, you can simplify your campaign planning and management process to create and execute campaigns faster than ever before.

Campaign planning has never been so easy.

Give your teams the power to plan how leads flow through your funnel and get them to the next-best-action quickly, thanks to simple visualization of interconnected and deeply nested campaigns.

Fast and friction-free execution.

Get your campaigns to market faster with an easy onboarding process for team members and an enhanced troubleshooting and error-handling strategy.

Get everyone on the same page.

Export the engagement map visual to give stakeholders across the organization visibility into the day-to-day marketing activities they need to help drive decisions and achieve shared goals.