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Find your best audience, no third-party cookies required.

Real-Time CDP Collaboration lets you discover, reach, and measure high-value audiences without third-party cookies through advanced data collaboration between advertisers and publishers.

Data Collaboration without third-party cookies

Explore the features of Real-Time CDP Collaboration.

Real-time CDP Collaboration, an offering within the Real-Time CDP product portfolio, simplifies how advertisers and publishers can effectively advertise together in a post-third-party cookie world. Find and discover high-value audiences, enhance advertising efforts by reaching customers where they are, and measure advertising effectiveness with a focus on customer privacy. Technology agnostic, Real-Time CDP Collaboration works with your chosen ecosystem of data warehouses, identity, and measurement partners.

Identify audiences and discover new customers through trusted partners

Identify audiences through trusted partners.

Publishers and advertisers can collaborate in a centralized, privacy-safe, and neutral environment to match their audiences, as well as discover potential new customers. An easy-to-use interface helps surface these audiences without relying on technical resources.

  • Connect with premium publishers and top global advertisers for data collaboration opportunities.
  • Use marketer-friendly dashboards and workflows to surface audience overlaps and prospective customers.
  • Refine segments based on prior performance insights to target audiences most likely to convert.
  • Use your audiences built within Adobe, cloud storage partners, or beyond without exposing proprietary details.

Scale reach and deliver cross-channel campaigns to your audience.

Publishers can securely access and activate advertiser segments across multiple channels and scale reach faster using identity partners and look-alike modeling. Advertisers can reach their desired audience across premium inventory, guide them through the funnel, and suppress already-converted audiences for message relevance and efficient spending through a secure activation workflow.

  • Use up-to-date audience targeting at low latency across campaigns and channels such as display, video, and streaming.
  • Incorporate trusted identity partners for additional segment scale.
  • Expand audience sizing and reach opportunities with look-alike tooling.
  • Respect customer consent and privacy throughout the activation process.
Deliver Cross-Channel campaigns to your audience
Aggregated campaign performance

Understand aggregate campaign performance.

Advertisers and publishers can use simple and collaborative measurement tools to track the impact of ads. Publishers can report campaign performance to brands to help them improve current and future ads. Advertisers can share privacy-safe engagement and conversion insights, securely integrate exposure, channel, and conversion data to better understand audiences, and use preferred measurement partners for holistic insights.

  • Optimize channels and campaigns to fine-tune investments.
  • Combine performance and conversion data for closed-loop measurement.
  • Give advertisers the ability to run split and incrementality testing when working with publishers.
  • Use a consistent measurement paradigm across Adobe and non-Adobe products, systems and teams.

Additional benefits of Real-Time CDP Collaboration.

Privacy focused

Embedded controls guide responsible use of audience data across partners, ensuring governance and privacy requirements are met.

Agnostic and interoperable

Use data warehouse, identity measurement, and walled garden partners of choice with the opportunity to partner global brand and premium publishers' customers of Adobe. Efficiently connect your data collaboration program to embedded audience analysis, creation, and activation tools within Adobe Experience Platform.

Built-in reputation

Trusted by leading global brands, Adobe is an established leader in identity, audience collaboration, and activation. Real-Time CDP Collaboration builds on this strong foundation to bring closed-loop and marketer-friendly workflows to data collaboration.