The future of digital is personal – stay inspired and competitive.

Today’s economy rewards leaders who deliver exceptional customer experiences at scale.  


Conversation topics include:

• How to create and deliver relevant, empathetic content that builds trust.

• Why AI drives real-time business decisions and improves customer experiences.

• How personalised digital experiences drive growth.

• Accelerating digital transformation initiatives to increase market share.

• How Experience Makers can leverage access to the right data and integrated suite of digital tools.


Welcome Keynote

Today’s economy is digital-first and hyper-personal. It rewards leaders who deliver exceptional customers experiences at scale. But success isn’t guaranteed – the next generation of customers expect brands to instantly surprise and delight with personalised, inspiring content. In response, leaders must build agile, sustainably responsive marketing teams which leverage first-person data, AI and customers stories. Join Adobe’s APAC leadership team and brands from across the region to learn how to build on existing tools and expertise to transform customer journeys. 


Real-time Audiences and Insights

Personalisation is the key for a brand to be successful in today's digital economy. Customers live in the moment, and they expect brands to do the same. Brands need to humanise their interaction with their customers which requires them to understand context, marry that with deep historical knowledge about the customer, predict the customers wants and delight them with an experience using that data within that moment. 


This session examines what strategies Experience Makers can use to collect customer data in real-time, generate insights, orchestrate, and deliver exceptional real-time customer experiences. 


Personalisation is dependent on the use of customer data and in today's privacy conscious world, brands need to ensure that they respect customer’s consent and preferences to continue building that trust with them. This session speaks to how brands must create a framework to collect and exchange customer data, reconsider their operating model, and deliver experiences based on it.


Content Supply Chain Strategies

The future of customer experience is powered by high-quality content at a scale and a level of personalisation previously unimagined. Consumers expect experiences to be relevant, connected and personalised but creatives and marketers struggle to keep up with the content supply chain due to fragmented workflows and siloed teams. So how do marketing teams keep up with greater demand when budgets and resources are flat? And how can marketers sift through the breadth of data generated by content engagement across multiple channels?​

In this session, you will hear strategies from Experiences Makers who are scaling to meet (and exceed) the demands of their customers through streamlined and innovative approaches in content development and experience delivery.​


Contextual Customer Journeys

In today's world, the power is in the customer’s hand; the digital experience is no longer dictated by the marketing funnel or prescribed customer journeys. For B2C or B2B customers, the only moment that matters is right now. How can brands anticipate and deliver relevant, contextual, in-the-moment experiences seamlessly, across the entire customer journey? And how do brands continue to win the hearts and minds of consumers and buyers who expect to you to know them and respect them? ​

This session combines case study examples with insights into the technology, organisational readiness and strategies that Experience Makers need to transform into a more customer-centric organisation. ​


Digital Commerce

Digital commerce is rewriting the rulebook for how transactions are enabled and governed. As new and emerging forms of commerce mature, the challenge for Experience Makers is to balance the old with the new – how will traditional commerce platforms coexist with new forms of commerce? ​

This session investigates strategies and practical steps leaders can take to ensure their organisation is best positioned to facilitate growth and gain marketshare via the fast-paced world of digital commerce. ​

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