Customer Journey Analytics

Empower business intelligence and data science teams to stitch and analyze cross-channel data with a powerful analytics toolkit.


Build great experiences with true customer journey insights.

Today, most businesses collect mountains of data in their quest to better understand their customers so they can create great products and experiences. But the challenge isn’t just collecting more data, it’s integrating, analyzing, understanding, and sharing that data across the business. It requires the right data, from all channels, working together to paint a holistic picture of the customer journey, as well as the right tools to analyze the journey and quickly activate discovered insights.

Customer journey analytics provides a toolkit to business intelligence and data science teams that help them stitch and analyze cross-channel data. Its capabilities deliver context and clarity to the complex multichannel customer journey. This context, when paired with tools like SQL and Analysis Workspace, provide actionable insight into how to remove pain points from the customer conversion process and deliver positive experiences in the moments that matter most. Plus, you can pair customer journey analytics with Adobe Experience Platform, which gives you access to any data stored there — including Adobe Analytics data.

“Customer journey analysis is the top customer analytics priority for 2019.”
— “Survey Analysis: Customer Experience Maturity and Investment Priorities, 2019,” Gartner, June 3, 2019.

Data Ingestion and Transformation

Ingest any data from any system — like digital, call center, IoT, and more — and utilize a flexible data schema that isn’t bound by order or the hit-visit-visitor model.

Adobe Experience Platform Query Edition

Get direct SQL access to any data stored on Adobe Experience Platform so you can stitch and prepare for analysis like pathing or attribution in Analysis Workspace.

Analysis Workspace on Adobe Experience Platform

Ask and answer business questions using multichannel stitched data, and build customer segments for activation and personalization.

Prebuilt Data Science Models

Provide access to data science capabilities for the citizen-data scientists to unlock deep customer insights through AI and machine learning models.