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Content creation and Production

Generative AI for enterprise content creation.

Elevate creativity, automate production, and empower teams to easily edit and craft on-brand content with Adobe’s best-in-class products and generative AI capabilities.

Scale content without scaling your teams.

Generative AI creating a purple sunset cityscape image for every channel and audience

Give all team members the tools to create.

Remix and tailor content for every channel, market, and audience with generative AI in Adobe Express and Adobe Firefly, all with brand guardrails in place

  • Generate on-brand visuals and text for faster project turnaround.
  • Perform simple asset updates such as size changes and background changes.
  • Automate asset variations with creative and AI APIs
  • Leverage locked templates to control what updates can be made to brand-approved content.

Transform the creative process.

Use generative AI to meet growing content demands and scale content creation.

  • Collaborate with generative AI to brainstorm and concept the next best idea.
  • Push creativity further and generate variations at high speeds.
  • Ideate on color schemes, settings, product placements, backgrounds and more.
  • Invite other team members into the creative process.
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Collaborate through every iteration.

Share work in progress for creative input, review, and approval in connected workspaces.

  • Track and assess feedback in a centralized review and approval process.
  • Reduce revisions, maintain better version control, and conduct seamless handoffs.

Adobe Firefly — sparking the latest in creative generative AI.

MP4 and JPEG example image of man with backpack staring into scenery

Highest quality and breadth of models.

Get results faster and simplify AI governance across formats — including video, imagery, vector, audio, and more.

Text generation example for an image of man carrying a surfboard

Integrated into your workflows.

Drive wide adoption of generative AI through embedded Firefly capabilities in your teams’ tools of choice.

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Designed to be safe for business.

Mitigate business, legal, and reputational risks through a trusted partner for AI creative content.

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Customizable to your brand.

Create customized Firefly models, brand kits, templates, and more to generate content tailored to your brand. | Dentsu logo

“By empowering marketers to handle edits or even end-to-end content creation on their own, we accelerate time to market by 70%.”

Sakura Martin
Global Brand and Design Lead, dentsu

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