Personalized experiences.

Deliver the individual service your customers expect.

The challenge

Personalization is no longer optional. 

Customer expectations are at an all-time high. People are sophisticated, tech-savvy, and demand real-time information. They want meaningful messaging and tailored brand experiences. Like many companies, you probably still have a long way to go as you transition from superficial, cookie-cutter campaigns to relevant, engaging, and personalized experiences. Or maybe you’re among the retailers who collectively missed out on $150 billion in 20161 revenue by failing to provide shoppers with personalized experiences. You may even find yourself thinking things like:


“Personalizing interaction for every customer seems insurmountable, and we’re not sure how to start.”  

Personalizing offers for single customers is no problem, but you need the right technology to scale these experiences across your customer base.


“We can’t identify our customers across devices to deliver seamless experiences.”

You have a lot of customer data, but you can’t connect your data sets, and you don’t have a good strategy for identifying customers across their devices. 


“We don’t have a foundation to support the experiences we want to deliver on our platforms.”

Without an integrated platform that allows you to deliver digital experiences while decreasing dependency on IT, customers may feel your marketing messages are detached and delayed.



1 “State of Retail 2017,” TimeTrade,

Four behind-the-scenes challenges in personalized experiences:

Siloed content and customer data.

Inefficient tools for omnichannel delivery.

Hard to measure and optimize experiences.

Poor cross-channel engagement.

44 percent

62% of organizations are using automated personalization for web — up 51% from 2016.

41 percent

56% of organizations are using automated personalization for mobile — up 115% from 2016.


Running on Experience: 2017 Digital Marketing Study, Adobe, September 2017

The solution

The power of personalization.


Mass experiences vs. personalized experiences.

Mass experiences result in subpar interactions throughout the customer journey. They stem from marketer-centric campaigns with vanilla and irrelevant messages and one-size-fits-all attempts at personalization. When extensive, multi-channel planning isn’t implemented, disjointed experiences lead to poor customer interactions and unfavorable brand impressions, leaving customers feeling frustrated and unwilling to engage.


Personalized experiences use data to identify audiences and understand context. With this information, you can deliver real-time, highly relevant interactions that resonate with specific customer segments — no matter which channel you use to connect. By integrating data across every channel, marketers can deliver the experiences customers want, helping them be more engaged and more likely to promote the brand.

Personalized experiences = Creating, managing, and delivering contextually relevant experiences that speak to your customers on a personal level, helping you deepen relationships and meet rising expectations.

By developing a plan to deliver personalized experiences, you will:

who your customers are, what they expect, and how to deliver on those expectations.

unified profiles by combining your own data with third-party data.

a personalization strategy using business rules and automation tools for more conversions and increased loyalty.

highly personalized content, offers, and recommendations at scale.

Experiences should be personal.


Take your personalization efforts to the next level with

Experience Design Optimization.

The Adobe Advantage

Improving personalized experiences with Adobe.


With Adobe, you have the power to combine first-, second-, and third-party data sources to paint complete pictures of customer personas — to target an individual, rather than the device they’re using. An integrated solution also helps you consider all data, including technographic, geographic, demographic, and behavioral. 


Our personalization solutions let you reach customers anywhere, anytime. Deliver digital experiences that are global in reach — yet personally relevant and engaging — across websites, apps, mobile devices, and on-site screens. Whatever your channels or touchpoints, create content once and deploy it across all customer experiences — both online and off.


We offer an end-to-end solution that helps you shape the entire customer journey, providing relevant, personalized experiences from one stage to the next.


Adobe helps you deliver personalized experiences by:

Creating unified customer profiles that can be targeted across channels and devices

Predicting and matching customer segments with personalized experiences in real-time

Using content building blocks to provide the best experience on any screen

Rapidly scaling with an integrated platform

Streamlining experience creation by responding with known data in context

Time Warner Cable

Use this winning recipe for delivering personalized experiences.

Learn from one of our consultants how automation can do the hard work of personalization for you.

Customer story

Create first-class experiences.


Data is everywhere, and organizations like Sydney Opera House understand its importance. Using Adobe Experience Cloud, Sydney Opera House turned millions of data points into customer intelligence. With this new understanding of their audiences, they are creating engaging, personalized experiences for their customers before, during, and after their visit to the iconic venue.

By personalizing experiences with Adobe, Vodafone Ireland was able to:


• Refine its mobile app to boost downloads and traffic, achieving 422,000 downloads with 200,000 monthly and 50,000 daily active users
• Increase app engagement to the highest rate of all its markets across Europe
• Create compelling brand interactions to build affinity for Vodafone

Personalized experiences help you reach every individual.


When you personalize experiences for your customers with Adobe Experience Cloud, you’ll keep your content smart and relevant, and you can consistently reach everyone as if they’re the only one who matters.

You centrally manage content to deliver personalized experiences across all touchpoints.

You market to people, not their devices, by understanding their context.

You have the tools to deliver personalized experiences without depending on IT.


Create personalized experiences.

Encourage customer loyalty with meaningful messages and authentic experiences at scale.

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