Connected is how advertising should be.


Connecting with customers is difficult. With thousands of different interests, passions, and personalities, finding the right approach for each one is a tall order. And if your audience insights are based on fragmented inventory and channels, you're wasting media spend trying to guess what they want. To effectively click with customers, you need to connect the dots internally. When you unite data, marketing, and advertising, campaigns move beyond one-off exposures to lasting experiences.

Connected is how advertising should be.

Adobe is named a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Ad Tech, 2019.

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To connect with customers, connect your strategy.


Consumers have more choices than ever. This means that the path to every conversion is far from linear — and that makes it harder for you to differentiate your brand and engage your audience through efficient advertising. Accomplishing those goals requires a stellar advertising strategy. One that holds your advertising accountable. One that’s focused on people first. And one that helps you integrate data, media channels, and creative. Then, your advertising will be connected with your marketing. And your customers will love it.

Connect audience data.

Connect audience data.

Take control of your audience data to activate your advertising for greater return on ad spend. Use deep audience insights to drive greater conversion through smarter, more strategic media planning and buying decisions.

Connect all media channels.

Connect all media channels.

Deploy comprehensive ad strategies across  search, display, digital video, and social — all from a single platform. Truly cross-channel media planning gives you more control over audience reach and exposure frequency.

Connect creative with media

Connect creative with media.

Create and deliver personalized ad experiences more efficiently in the media planning and buying process. Collaborate, make quick edits, and share creative assets so you can deploy personalized ads across media channels — all at scale.

Step back and see the whole advertising picture

Choosing the right technology to add to your marketing stack is one of the most important decisions you can make. But it can also be daunting. With different vendors offering different things, it’s difficult to get a holistic picture. That’s why we’ve created a buyer’s guide with everything you need to make an informed decision in your advertising technology search.

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Advertising in the Experience Era

Keith Eadie, VP & GM of Adobe Advertising Cloud, covers the state of the advertising industry with a plea for more focus on the consumer as we move into the experience era.

Advertising in the Experience Era.

Connection has a name. Adobe Advertising Cloud.


As the largest independent advertising platform, Adobe Advertising Cloud helps you target your most valued customers, serve up customized, beautiful ads in real time, and manage ad spend across all your digital and traditional advertising media. And when connected to the Adobe Experience Cloud ecosystem, your entire marketing stack connects to each other and connects to your audience — for superior business results.

Attract the best customers.

See how you can find and acquire more customers by understanding them better.

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Attract the best customers.

See how Adobe syncs advertising and marketing strategies to make advertising a connected experience.

มาพูดคุยกันว่า Adobe Experience Cloud ทำอะไรให้ธุรกิจของคุณได้บ้าง

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