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Continue the conversation on mobile by taking what you hear from other channels and devices and responding in mobile for a more immediate, impactful experience.


Bridge the gap between mobile and other marketing.

We use our phones for everything. In addition to texting family, scrolling through social media, and checking game scores, our phones has also become a primary work device. We field nearly half of our work emails on our phone and many of us have work chat apps front and center on the home screen. For marketers, maintaining a seamless experience as customers move from various channels to mobile is crucial.

Adobe Marketo Engage lets you maintain a single, coherent conversation as your customers move between platforms. Marketo Engage actively listens across all channels, giving you a real time overview of your customer’s wants and needs. Combine this information with location triggers to deliver relevant, personalized push notifications or in-app messages that bring real value to your audience. Make your mobile communications feel more like genuine conversations with the help of Marketo Engage.


See what makes it work.

Triggered activities

  • Integrate Marketo Engage to your mobile app using SDK components.
  • Automate in-app messages and push notifications based on an individual’s profile or when they complete a contextual action.
  • Listen for key activities and use them to inform cross-channel communications.

Personalized messages

  • Deliver push notifications and in-app messages based on who your customers are and what they do, either inside your app or in other channels.
  • Determine what is the right conversation, when you should have it, and how often.

Location-based interactions

  • Send timely, location-relevant messages to your customers using beacon and geo-fencing technology.
  • Engage each customer as an individual based on their precise location in real time, making it likelier for them to convert then and there.

Track mobile app activity

  • Assess engagement of behaviors and non-behaviors across devices, notifications, apps, and marketing channels for a more complete view of your customer.
  • View statistics such as push engagements, app opens, app installs, and more across all your apps in one central hub.


“The automation in Marketo Engage gives us more time to create unique content that turns fans into loyal ticket holders. In just two years, we increased digital leads by 80% and revenue growth by 315%.”

Ben Conrad
Senior Director of Database Marketing, Milwaukee Bucks

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