Personalisation 2.0

December 2nd, 2021 at 10.00-12.00 CET



The power of personalisation in the age of digital experiences

Personalisation has become a customer expectation and plays an immense role in business growth. Join our Personalisation 2.0 event and learn how to elevate your personalized customer journey.

Improving personalisation has never been more important. Among emerging marketing capabilities, personalisation ranks as the top opportunity to drive better customer experiences. However, poorly executed personalisation can hurt your bottom line and worst case lead your customers to switch to a competitor that succeed in meeting their personalised expectations.

At our digital immersive Personalisation 2.0 event on December 2nd, you can experience an inspirational line-up of speakers, use-cases and content and gain insights on how to create outstanding personalized experiences for your customers.

Personalisation 2.0 provides you the tools and insight you need to reach the next stage of personalisation. 

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December 2nd, 10.00-12.00 CET

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10.00 Welcome to Personalisation 2.0

Chloe Richardson
Master of Ceremonies

Winning the personalisation game

Speaker: Phil Starrett, Director, Field CTO, Adobe

In the quest to improve customer experience, organisations are investing in personalisation strategies that span multiple touchpoints in the customer’s journey. We’ve long known that every person wants to be treated as a unique individual by the brands they trust and engage with, but we now also know that brands that do engage in such a personal way greatly outperform those that don’t. 
Join this session to hear how Adobe customers have realized value from personalisation and the journeys they are taking to avoid critical pitfalls. How do you get the expected KPI’s? What capabilities are needed to embark on the journey of personalisation? How to foster the right culture and processes to support the change and how to select the right technology platform?

The company who went full steam on Personal – hear what Stena Line learned

Speaker: Niclas Cullberg, Head of Group Digital Experience & Omni Channel, Stena Line

Niclas will present Stena Line’s journey, from setting a vision of “relevance in every touchpoint” to its current project of creating a customer experience platform and eco-system. Niclas will discuss how Stena Line’s evolution has enabled the company to understand customers’ needs and thereby enable a seamless customer journey. We will hear how Stena Line is developing a ‘create once, use everywhere” content management, delivery, and personalisation platform and how this will be the foundation for delivering personalised experiences for each individual customer, across the entirety of the customer journey.

ROCKWOOL’s digital transformation journey – a data-driven approach to develop their 3 year roadmap for future competitive advantage

Speaker: Morten Rudfred, Head of Group Digital Marketing, ROCKWOOL Group & Peter N. Jansen, B2B Strategy Consultant, Wunderman Thompson MAP

Join this session to hear ROCKWOOL and Wunderman Thompson MAP present ROCKWOOL’s digital transformation journey with offset in their ambitious goal set out 4 years ago; “To deliver superior customer experience across all touchpoints.” You will hear about the journey taken and the some of the strategic choices ROCKWOOL has made for the right foundation to build upon. ROCKWOOL is now looking into an exciting future with realization of their ambitious 3-year plan. Learn more about how ROCKWOOL has taken a data-driven approach in defining their fit-for-purpose strategic roadmap that will help them transcend their category and become a truly B2H (Business to Human) company.

Signify's DTC Transformation

Speaker: Andrew Sawyer, SVP, Merkle

Merkle presents how Philips Hue, Signify’s premium smart lighting brand, was on a mission to make lighting simpler, more inspiring, and personal. Signify shifted Hue’s growth strategy toward a direct-to-consumer model, putting the online customer experience in focus, and aspiring to transform their digital landscape. Hear how Merkle and Adobe transformed D2C personalised marketing capability - across implementation of real-time data, technology, commerce and new ways of working to deliver results together.



How to prepare and succeed in a post-cookie world.

Speaker: Steve Allison, Sr. Manager, Digital Experience, Adobe

Join this session to learn the crucial steps for succeeding in a cookieless future. Personalisation use cases begin and end with ensuring you have a trust-based relationship, where customer and brand are equal parties to a shared profile that delivers a better customer experience. This will require a robust first-party data identity strategy that delivers legitimate value to customers in exchange for their data 


'The What' and 'The How' when choosing a CDP?

Speaker: Wouter Van Geluwe, Chief Technologist, Adobe

What to be aware of when considering to invest in a CDP? The pitfalls to avoid. The KPI's to expect. The technology to consider. The processes and capabilities you need. The data you need to have available. Join this session to learn how you go to the next step with CDP.


Customer Journeys are omnichannel. Why isn't your analytics?

Speaker: Kristoffer Stenbeck, Solutions Consultant, Adobe

Discover what Customer Journey Analytics can do for you. CJA is a service that lets you join all your data from every channel into a single interface for real-time, omnichannel analysis and visualization, allowing you to make better decisions with a holistic view of your business and the context behind every customer action.


Bringing AEP to life with Adobe Journey Optimizer.

Speakers: Bobby Hollingsworth (CCO, Northern Europe, Merkle) and Nico Lozano (AEP Solution Consultant, Merkle)

Some of the most common journey challenges that businesses face are: Accessing and understanding customer engagement and profile data in real-time while aligning messages and offers with data-driven insights at scale. Finally you need to apply intelligence to deliver messages in the right moment and channel. Join this session to understand how to overcome those challenges with a use case and live demo of Adobe Journey Optimizer.


The Dinosaur Roars - B2B Personalisation is evolving

Speaker: Jo O’ Connor, Senior Principal Solutions Consultant, Adobe

Maintaining relationships with customers in a world of limited in-person interactions and always-on digital touchpoints takes creativity. And when your customer is acting on behalf of an employer you have to get very creative as all B2B marketers know.

Increasingly CDP is seen as being part of the marketing mix. But in a world of cookieless, regulatory changes and countless other challenges, how can B2B marketers gain a complete and trusted understanding of their customers and use it to deliver consistent, personalised, account-based experiences.

Main session

‘Lets get personal – but not too personal’ 

How a personalised approach unleashes our true creativity.

By Tim Reid, Creative Genius – Bafta award winning comedy writer

Now it's all about you. How do you unleash creativity, do innovation, transformation, and idea creation to become a better version of yourself? Smile, relax and reflect with Tim Reid. 

Tim Reid is a successful comedy writer, and a world class innovation expert. He's passionate about combining these two skills to help businesses become as creative as comedians. Reid has worked for some of the world's most creative organisations and helped clients to reimagine the future and re-invent their businesses.


12.00 CET End of show.


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