Welcome to the Adobe FSI, Telco and Media Practitioners Roundtable

May 24th | 9:30am – 1:00pm

May 24th | 9:30am – 1:00pm

Streamlining the content supply chain to deliver personalization at scale

Content demand pressures continue to rise, especially for companies trying to deliver Personalization at Scale.  In addition the content landscape is changing…fast Personalization and localization, multichannel and multi-format delivery, just-in-time content, all demand rapid throughput and coordination on tighter deadlines.


Technological innovation and digital adoption have accelerated, forcing enterprises to meet consumers where they are across more channels, markets and screens. And consumers expect experiences to be relevant, connected and personalized. But creatives and marketers struggle to keep up. Creative teams and workflows are fragmented and siloed, making it difficult to scale efforts. And budgets and resources are flat, even though greater demands are being placed on these teams.


These conditions amplify the challenges that we are already familiar with. The pressure to create more content puts strain on organizations internal processes. But that means more content…LOTS more content. And as a result, instead of a well functioning content supply chain, there is just spaghetti.


Join us at the next FSI and TMTG roundtable to discuss the inefficiencies around content supply within an organisation and how it can be addressed by streamlining processes.  We will also be hosting a discussion on your successes over the last 12 months so please come prepared to showcase any success story big or small, talking to what the goals was, how Adobe solutions helped drive towards the goal and what was the outcome. 


We will be hosting our FSI and Telco, Media communities together so you will have the opportunity to network beyond the industry during the session. 

Time BST


09.30 - 10.00


10.00 - 10.20


10.20 - 11.00

Roundtable Success Stories – come prepared (what was the goal, were there any barriers,
how did you use Adobe solutions to help reach the goal, what was the measure for success)

11.15- 11.30


11.30 - 11.25

Content Supply Chain Presentation and Discussion

12:25 - 12:30

Wrap Up and Close

12.30 - 13.00

Networking Lunch

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