Experience-driven commerce.

Create seamless experiences from discovery to purchase.

The challenge

Driving unrivalled experiences that power sales. 


Successful shopping experiences don’t happen by accident. They occur when you connect with customers on their terms. But presenting the right content at the right time throughout the customer journey is no small feat. Consumers today have access to your brand through more channels and touchpoints than ever before. Whether in-store or online, you need to engage these hyper-connected customers on the channels that matter to them. Perhaps you’ve found yourself saying:

“I need to know what my customers are doing in real time.”
Without the ability to know real-time shopping behaviours, it’s hard to adjust the customer experience in the context of the buying journey. 


“I can’t identify my most profitable customers.” 
If you could differentiate between your most loyal customers and those with a high churn rate, you could increase revenue while delivering better offers.

“I’m struggling to gain a holistic view of my customers.” 
Knowing your shoppers requires data integration, along with the ability to identify actionable insights from multichannel data. 

It's time to forget about organisation silos and focus on business outcomes. By embracing experience-driven commerce, your brand will:

75% say optimising the customer journey across multiple touchpoints is very important.

55% say mobile optimisation is a top-three digital tactical priority.

34% of retailers say improving the customer experience is the most important differentiator.

25% say that when improving the customer experience, their highest emphasis is to make it personalised and relevant.

Digital Intelligence Briefing: 2017 Digital Trends in Retail
Econsultancy and Adobe, March 2017

The solution

Empower your business to build rich commerce experiences.


Acquisition Deceleration vs. Acquisition Acceleration.


Enterprise-driven commerce happens when you fail to put customer needs first. By putting organisational structure and silos ahead of the customer experience, prospects are lost to offers from other brands. A heavy reliance on IT further slows content deployment and commerce changes, making it difficult to keep up with changingcustomer needs.


Experience-driven commerce is realised as you meet your customers when and where they want to be met — whether in the shop, online or a combination of the two. Such interactions are possible with data from the channels customers love most. Deep insights into customers’ activities help deliver relevant and engaging experiences ontheir terms.

Experience-driven commerce = Maximising sales by delivering customer experiences from discovery to purchase that are optimised with insights from real-time shopping behaviours and multichannel data.

From brick to click: Retailers are investing in digital opportunities.

business users to create, manage and publish differentiated shopping experiences without IT.

traffic, conversions and lifetime value with effective merchandising and timely marketing campaigns.

and personalise shopper experiences based on real-time behaviours.


your most profitable shoppers, then target and acquire them with relevant content and campaigns.

Transform your retail business into an experience business.


Learn how to move from channel-based initiatives to an experience-first approach in Moving Beyond Click and Mortar.


The Adobe Advantage

Sell exceptional experiences with Adobe.


Experience is the currency of the new age and our products can help you to put the needs of your customers front and centre. Our applications give you the tools you need to cut through the noise while engaging each customer with the information they want. 


Experience-driven commerce with Adobe helps you:

Optimise marketing effectiveness across engagement points.

Increase loyalty of your customer base.

Improve operational efficiency with faster time to market.

Accelerate conversions while decreasing fallout.

Grow revenue and increase sales through upselling and cross-selling.

Respond swiftly to changing customer needs and expectations.


We can help you to build a bridge between online and in-store shopping experiences, increasing marketing effectiveness while connecting your customers to the targeted offers that matter to them. Tools such as our Commerce Integration Framework can help you to connect robust content and experiences to the commerce engine that fits your specific business needs.

Our experience-driven solutions help brands just like yours engage with customers on whichever screen or location they prefer. Our products can help you to understand the consumption of content, analyse your conversion funnel, optimise offers for every customer, build audiences you can work with, and deliver contextually rich experiences designed to bring back or convert customers.

Customer story

Rural King: America's Farm and Home Store

Transforming their business while staying true to their roots.


Rural King, with 110 shops in 13 states, has millions of customers in many communities abandoned by other large retailers. To serve their customers better, they needed to transform their business. Not only did they upgrade their entire omnichannel shopping experience, but they stayed true to their mission while greatly improving their business process by eliminating many antiquated manual processes.

Ahmed Elemam

“Magento Commerce helps our core customers find what they are looking for, check out quickly and receive their orders in the fastest and most efficient way possible - often by picking up at our shops.”


Andrew Figgins

Director Of Development, Rural King Supply

Using Magento, part of Adobe Experience Cloud, Rural King is reaping in returns.

• Increased traffic in retail shops by 95%

• Increased online revenue by 34%

Our customers win when they compete on experiences.


Gaining a competitive advantage today is less about products and more about experiences. With Adobe, you can easily develop audience segments, streamline content creation, eliminate technology and data silos and deliver consistent and personalised content to your shoppers wherever they may be. Tie together content creation, management and delivery across all devices and channels to create seamless experiences from discovery to purchase.

You adjust your customer’s experience relative to their context.

You have distinct offers for your most loyal customers.

You have a complete customer view and know the experiences they want.


Rise above the rest with experience-driven commerce.

Achieve retail success with your customers by presenting the right content at the right time across every touchpoint in your customer’s journey.

Let's talk about what Adobe Experience Cloud can do for your business.