Interactive webinars

Create, promote and host live and interactive webinar sessions from right within your marketing automation engine.


Managing end-to-end virtual events has never been faster and easier.

When it comes to engaging with leads and customers, virtual events still reign supreme. The ease of attending from anywhere maintains mass appeal. But scheduling, marketing and delivering webinar experiences that generate and qualify leads for sales can be anything but simple. Event marketers are constantly tasked with managing multiple log ins, dealing with inefficient tools and trying to sort through loads of essential customer data in spreadsheets.

The interactive webinars feature of Adobe Marketo Engage joins webinar creation and hosting with marketing automation and demand generation. It lets event marketers easily design, market, produce and report on all webinars from one cohesive system. Efficient workflows reduce deployment time, while interactive tools like polling, surveys, chat and Q&A help engage attendees and collect more than just registration and attendance. After attendees engage with these interactive features, the data is quickly pulled into your Marketo Engage database to update audience segments, personalise content, trigger follow-up communications, alert sales and adjust lead and account scores.

Discover what makes interactive webinars work.

Concurrent sessions

Allow global teams to launch multiple webinar sessions simultaneously, ensuring uninterrupted operations across various business units.

Integrated session activity data

Use in-session activity data to trigger fast follow-up engagement, adjust lead and account scores, update audiences, notify sales and personalise content.

Drag-and-drop webinar layout designer

Easily design customised webinar layouts using a user-friendly WYSIWYG editor to intuitively drag and drop chat, polling, survey, Q&A and other widgets based on specific webinar needs.

Scoring, routeing and alerts

Enrich lead and account scoring, route opportunities and trigger CRM sales alerts based on webinar session activity in minutes instead of waiting 24 hours for batch processing to speed up pipeline qualification for your sales team.

Registration, activity and engagement reporting

Get insights into global webinar activity, engagement and performance across programmes using a dedicated dashboard to track registration, attendance, active participants, polls, URL clicks, downloads and more.

Recordings, downloads and web links

Drive engagement by sharing content, tracking URL clicks, allowing downloads and distributing recorded sessions to all registrants, including non-attendees.

Email, landing pages and forms

Use enterprise-gradient email marketing automation, landing page creation and integrated forms to generate and maximise demand for webinars before, during, and after the events.

Intelligent cross-channel nurturing

Automate pre-webinar registration and attendance and personalise post-webinar engagement based on in-session activity and no-shows through cross-channel nurture programmes.

Registration and attendee management

Collect and monitor registrations using integrated landing pages and forms while managing attendees during sessions with features like granting entry, assigning roles and creating waiting lobbies.

Interactive sessions, polling, Q&A, chat and surveys

Create and host live webinar sessions within Marketo Engage and engage attendees with real-time polls, surveys, chat, Q&A and hand-raising features to collect more than just registration and attendance data.