Adobe Audience Manager Features

Data is among your most valuable assets. How your data management platform handles it means the difference between data collecting dust or becoming the key element for standout digital experiences. Adobe Audience Manager has the features you need to excel at every data management phase from collection to segmentation to targeting and optimization. Take a closer look and see why Forrester consistently names us a Leader among DMPs.

Data collection and centralization

Start your data collection off on the right foot.

How you handle your data from the beginning is critical. Mishandling these early steps can lead to a snowball of challenges down the line. That’s why our data collection and centralization features allow for better, more effortless data ingestion using unlimited file transfers, intelligent device graphing, retroactive trait creation, API support, cross-device data collection, and more.

Data explorer
Improve audience creation and segmentation by creating traits from both structured and unstructured data, so you can immediately take action on all data that comes into Adobe Audience Manager.
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Data feeds
Download bulk data that includes user IDs, trait IDs, segment IDs, and other parameters for custom analysis or modeling that can be used in external systems or brought back into Audience Manager as segments.
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Data ingestion
Incorporate online and offline data from brand interactions and exposures across touchpoints, including CRM, customer IDs, call centers, point of sale, IOT devices, set-top boxes, and more.
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Device graphs
Bring device-level data into Adobe Audience Manager and use both deterministic and probabilistic device-linking methods. Build a graph using first-party data, logged-in data from Profile Link and the Adobe Experience Cloud Device Co-op data, or extend your reach with an external device graph.
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Need to align your known data with your anonymous DMP data?

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Data management and segmentation

Addressable audiences
View the overlap between your audience and your selected targeting platform, such as a DSP, so you can forecast and plan campaign performance before activating segments. There are also options to share data with destinations like ad services, DSPs, ad networks, etc.
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Audience marketplace
Our private and secure marketplace lets you easily buy or sell third-party data and engage in second-party data partnerships.
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Identity management
Define how devices are stitched together, either at the user or household level to focus or expand targeting parameters. Based on the profile rules you set, you can manage identities and deliver a consistent experience across devices.
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Look-alike modeling
Extend your reach beyond your core customers and discover new, unique, high-value audiences from third-party data using our proprietary TraitWeight algorithm, powered by Adobe Sensei.
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Target market segmentation
Group profiles into segments using Segment Builder to target your most valuable users and measure the population of a segment in real time to improve your campaign results.
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Find audiences among your 1s and 0s.

To the untrained eye, all data looks pretty much the same. But among your stacks of data, there are individuals. People. By using artificial intelligence powered by Adobe Sensei with lookalike modeling, segment size estimator, and more, plus boolean logic to combine and suppress traits, you’ll be able to meaningfully organize and segment your data.

Targeting and optimization

Ready, aim, optimize.

With your data collected and processed, you’re ready to lock onto your segments. The targeting and optimization features in Adobe Audience Manager give you the ability to send segments to different channels so you can reach customers wherever they are. Using tools, like Audience Analytics and Audience Lab for A/B testing, you’ll get the help you need to optimize your campaigns and uncover more insights — all while meeting the highest in compliance and security with our data privacy controls.

A/B test segmentation
Split segments into mutually exclusive groups to test the performance of different targeting platforms or algorithmic models against your KPIs, so that you can ensure you’re hitting success metrics.
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Audience analytics
Get unrivaled customer intelligence with bi-directional, real-time data transfer from Adobe Analytics. By bringing together two sources, audience analytics offers more robust, consolidated reporting that provides segment-level performance to better inform optimizations.
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Data privacy controls
Use built-in controls to prevent the activation of data in ways that may violate data privacy or user agreements. You control how data gets used and which data sources and destinations can be tied to personally identifiable information.
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Real-time destinations
Activate dozens of destinations to support real-time transfer of segment information. Ensure customer information is refreshed whenever users visit or take action on your site, so you can always reach customers at the right time.
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People-based destinations
Audience Manager is the first and only DMP that offers the ability to send first party audiences, both known and unknown, into people-based platforms at scale.
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