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Adobe GenStudio, coming soon, is an intuitive product that collects the top tools marketers need to deliver on cross-channel campaigns. Built on generative AI, it empowers any team member to quickly find and generate assets, create variations and optimise experiences based on real-time content performance insights. It’s built for small businesses to large enterprises and designed to be used by marketers or agencies. With GenStudio, it’s never been easier to deliver high-value experiences to your customers.

  1. Creation
  2. Content hub
  3. Campaigns
  4. Activation
  5. Insights
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GenStudio prompt and content output example for a car company

Quickly generate high-performing, on-brand content with generative AI.

GenStudio leverages Adobe GenAI, allowing marketers and distributed teams to self-serve, quickly producing high-quality content within brand guardrails

  • Give marketers brand-approved templates to easily generate high-performing content for channels such as paid media, social, email and web.
  • Ensure AI-generated copy and images are relevant and on brand by training GenStudio on your organisation’s branding, customer personas and product descriptions.
  • Use generative AI to review copy and imagery to ensure content aligns with brand guidelines, product documentation and the selected customer segments before it’s sent for approval.

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Campaign asset finding and sharing in GenStudio

Easily find, edit, reuse and share assets.

GenStudio gives marketers a user-friendly content hub that makes it easy to find and prepare assets for campaigns.

  • Find, manage and store content with generative AI.
  • Use generative AI to create, edit or repurpose existing assets.
  • Easily search, filter, share and download final approved content, ready for activation.
  • Get AI-powered brand guardrails to ensure generated content meets brand guidelines.

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Campaign calendar and planning image

Centralised campaign planning and brief creation.

GenStudio aligns your marketing efforts with a common view of campaigns, briefs and the campaign calendar.

  • Save time and effort by ingesting unstructured campaign documents into a structured campaign object and associated metadata to define campaigns in GenStudio and associate the right content with it.
  • Easily visualise, plan and keep track of which campaigns are launching when.
  • Send campaign content from GenStudio for comments before it’s ready to be approved for activation.

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Image of 3rd party apps

Activate content with Adobe Experience Cloud and 3rd party apps.

Natively integrated into Adobe’s best-of-breed content supply chain products.

  • Use native integration with Adobe’s experience delivery products — Journey Optimizer, Journey Optimizer B2B edition, Experience Manager, Marketo and Target.
  • Easily export in formats used in 3rd party applications directly from GenStudio.

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GenStudio performance metrics charts and graphs

Put insights into action — in real time.

GenStudio makes it easy to understand how content is performing. It also gives you the ability to react to insights using generative AI to create content variations immediately.

  • Get real-time insights into content usage and performance across channels.
  • Quickly optimise campaign performance by creating more high-performing content and remix low-performing content from the insights dashboard.

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Learn about the GenStudio use cases.

Social media

Scale delivery of social content using generative AI to create, modify and optimise on-brand experiences.

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Display advertising

Plan your ad campaign and create and deliver on-brand content to all your publishers from one interface.

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Email campaigns

Use generative AI to create on-brand, campaign-focused emails that can be easily executed and optimised.

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Websites - Coming soon

Give marketers and agencies the ability to create optimised webpages that meet visual and copy guidelines.

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