Adobe Experience Manager Forms Features

Getting your business forms and documents to digital maturity can be a rocky road. Adobe Experience Manager Forms makes it simple — allowing you to personalize enrollment and communications to every customer on every channel or device. If you’re looking to move your business to a digital future, we can get you there in no time.

Digital enrollment

Put your best digital foot forward.

Your customers are operating in a digital world — and they expect you be there too. We can help you not just meet but exceed these digital expectations with dynamic forms that are convenient to fill out on any device or channel, online or offline, now or later. And, we let you track key metrics, so you can continually improve the digital experience for your customers.

App for field employees

Let your field workers securely interact with forms on the go — even offline — by allowing them to attach photos and notes, send forms for approval, and capture electronic signatures.

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Auto form fill

Prefill forms with data from back-end systems like CRM and ERP and post submission data back to your back-end system, and let customers reduce keystrokes with mobile device features.

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Dynamic forms

Make real-time changes to forms based on user input, save customers’ progress so they can finish later on any device, prepopulate data to reduce errors, and verify data.

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Forms reporting

Use out-of-the-box reporting dashboards to easily apply analytics to forms to track granular field-level usage, abandonment throughout the process, and key metrics for improvement.

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Forms search and discovery

Let customers easily find relevant forms based on a simple search query, tags, filters, and even geolocation — on any device through a personalized portal, with or without authentication.

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Mobile-responsive forms

Create forms once, preview the look and feel across devices, publish to any screen size, and let customers complete those forms on the go on their preferred device.

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Test & optimize forms

Natively design and run A/B tests for different versions of forms. View results in real time and pick winners to optimize enrollment conversion rates.

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Authoring forms and communications

Automated forms conversion

Automatically convert all your legacy PDF forms and traditional input fields to digital, mobile-responsive, adaptive forms that connect with analytics and themes, powered by Adobe Sensei.

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Codeless data mapping

Integrate data sources without any custom development and map entities to form fields and documents to personalize customer experiences and automate application processing across your brand.

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Fragment-based authoring

Let specific users across multiple forms and documents create, approve, and publish reusable fragments — like an address block or legal disclaimer — to ensure compliance.

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Out-of-the-box data connectors

Our out-of-the-box connectors connect to RDBMS (MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle), Microsoft Dynamics and other back-end systems, and they use common protocols like OData, Swagger 2.0 Rest, or SOAP connect to just about anything.

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Industry security and compliance

Meet regulatory changes and control access to edit, approve, and publish specific content, so you can always comply with global security and privacy standards to keep your customer data safe.

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Translation services

Easily connect your content to machine or human translation services to offer your products and services across the globe with common languages preconfigured.

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Theme editor

Create your organization’s custom branding once and apply it to every form and document so your customers have consistent and engaging experiences in every interaction with your brand.

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Do once, apply everywhere.

There’s no need to work harder than you have to. Cloud-based workflows make it simple to create personalized content for millions of customers across the globe. Forms has the ability to integrate customer data for greater personalization, translate content into different languages, apply re-usable content fragments like an address block across multiple forms, and even automatically transform legacy PDF forms into digital mobile-responsive forms.

Customer communications

Create with your customer in mind.

When you can deliver the right correspondence to your customers at the right time, you’ll be able to keep returning customers and onboard new ones. We offer the ability to send personalized communications to any channel securely with drag-and-drop ease and perfect timing with on demand, scheduled, or batch delivery options.

Batch and on-demand communication

Design, preview, generate, and deliver various types of communications, including scheduled, on-demand, or batch communications.

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Document generation

Generate document data in a variety of formats, including PDF and PostScript, or combine, rearrange, or augment existing PDF or XDP documents.

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Document security and encryption

Encrypt and define role-based access to protect PDF and Microsoft Office documents inside or outside your organization’s firewall, and update changes in real time even after sending documents.

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Embedded charts

Connect your data sources to increase engagement and retention in critical customer communications by easily embedding personalized interactive charts into communications.

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Multichannel communication

Create, preview, and publish mobile-responsive web and print-ready communications within a single editor by dragging and dropping reusable content from channel to channel.

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Personalized communications

Deliver personalized communications to each individual customer without the need for manual intervention by integrating data from back-end systems directly into your document templates.

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Targeted content

Embed personalized content and offers into documents to drive upsell and cross-sell opportunities at each critical touchpoint throughout the customer journey.

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Onboarding and workflows

Applications dashboard

Route application submissions through customized workflows and a centralized dashboard for review, approval, and digital signatures by back-office employees, even on the go.

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Document of record

Automatically generate and deliver a PDF document and then archive it to your content management system or repository of your choice to easily maintain compliance.

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Electronic signatures

Enjoy secure, legal, and trusted electronic signatures for any form or document during any step in the approval process where multiple customers or internal approvers need to sign in parallel or sequentially with any e-signature solution, like Adobe Sign.

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Visual workflow editor

Visually design workflows to connect forms, onboarding, and customer communications while integrating data along the way to allow you to route content and approvals in real time.

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All aboard made easy.

Stop relying on pen, paper, and other manual processes for your onboarding and workflows. We offer a robust set of tools that let you digitally route submissions, follow the approval process, collect secure, legal, and trusted signatures, and deliver and archive documents to your content management system.