Shared data is good. Shared insights are so much better.

Now, everyone responsible for customer experiences can make more informed decisions based on a complete picture of the customer journey.

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The right data isn’t getting into the right hands.

Most organisations have multiple teams and vendors creating customer experiences across any number of online and off-line channels. But when teams report their data, it rarely accounts for what’s happening across the office, much less for across vendors. This fragmented view of the customer journey leads to inconsistent metrics, poor optimisation of experiences and costly backtracking when crucial information finally arrives. It’s no wonder so many companies feel they aren’t nimble enough to make confident decisions in real time.

Creating exceptional, personalised experiences means having a single, cross-channel view of your customers that’s available to everyone — so they have the power to act with speed and purpose.

Adobe can help.

Adobe Customer Journey Analytics doesn’t just transform cross-channel data into a clear, unified picture of your customer, it makes that picture available to everyone who needs it. From the CEO to individual experience makers, teams get insights that were previously buried reports or completely unavailable. Now your teams can see and contribute to a clear, connected, up to date customer journey.

Here’s how we make data and insight more accessible:

A collaborative workspace - Colleagues can quickly access and understand the customer journey — without a data science degree — using an intuitive, collaborative interface.

Clear insights without clutter - Create, share and schedule reports to go to specific teams that highlight only the metrics they need.

Best-in-class privacy tools - Set and enforce role-based access to give team members the full customer journey without sacrificing customer privacy.

At-a-glance insights - Executives can track the health of the business in real time — even when they’re on the go — with the Customer Journey Analytics Dashboards mobile app.

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“Instead of separating metrics from online and off-line channels, we focused our attention on capturing everything including website activity, in-store sales, call centre volume, return volume, order cancellations and much more, which now enables us to make the best decisions to improve the shopper experience across all touchpoints.”

Ranjeet Bhosale, VP of Customer Marketing and Operations

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Move to Person-Centric Insights with Customer Journey Analytics.

Dig beyond the raw data of any given channel to gain a deeper understanding of your customers as people. Learn how maturing your analytics practice by connecting web, mobile and in-person datasets under a common customer ID unlocks a complete view of the customer journey.

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