2022 Adobe Trust Report

Trust in experience

Trust is the glue that holds the customer-business relationship together. To learn what earns and breaks customer trust and loyalty online, we conducted extensive research involving over 6,000 consumers and 900 senior business leaders to create the report.

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Prioritise trust from the top.

Trust means business. Consumers are willing to walk away from a business if their trust is broken. This presents a crucial opportunity for CEOs – to drive loyalty and growth by making trust C-suite’s number-one job.

55% of consumers say they’ll stop doing business with a firm when trust is broken.

Why C-suite is prioritising customer trust.

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Make meaningful experiences a must.

From product recommendations to customised accounts, useful personalisation grows customer trust. Creating these distinct experiences requires an ambassador – someone who can take their trust agenda all the way to C-suite.

72% of customers say a great, personalised experience helps build their trust in a brand.

Why C-suite is prioritising customer trust.

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Discover the backbone of customer trust.

Our research showed three critical pillars that form deep trust with consumers: Digital Foundations, Data Privacy and Customer Experience. Dive into how together, AI, data management, and personalisation achieve longstanding loyalty for your brand.

Digital Foundations

AI and intelligent data management offer personalisation while demonstrating understanding – embracing these digital enablers is fundamental to building customer trust today.

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Data Privacy

Transparency, responsibility and choice: these are the key elements within data management that form brand loyalty and indicate customer care.

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Customer Experience

Consistency is often cited as one of the biggest drivers of customer trust. Brands that meet – and exceed – customers’ needs in every interaction are more likely to see greater loyalty and brand champions.

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Unifying customer data for ultimate real-time personalisation.

Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform enables brands to unify customer data from offline and online sources and wave goodbye to silos. By providing personalised, multichannel experiences at scale, you will increase consumer trust which will result in long-term relationships.

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Grow your customers’ trust with Adobe.

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