Adobe Journey Optimizer

Customer journeys are evolving. Here’s how.

In one single application, Adobe Journey Optimizer lets you manage scheduled omnichannel campaigns and one-to-one moments for millions of customers. Optimise the entire customer journey with intelligent decisioning and insights to get the right message at the right time to the right place. 

Acquire and keep customers in a cookieless world with Adobe

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Our audience expects a personalised experience in every interaction

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What is Adobe Journey Optimizer?


Adobe Journey Optimizer allows marketers to create personalised customer experiences across multiple channels and devices. Today’s customer journeys take place on an individual level as users navigate various touchpoints based on their unique needs, intents, and preferences. Adobe Journey Optimizer gives you the vision and power to shape customer journeys and make real-time optimisations as you go.

“We’re excited about what Adobe Journey Optimizer offers. It will enable us to show up for customers when and where they need it.”

Alyssa Raine, Group VP of Customer Marketing Platforms, Walgreens

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Adobe Journey Optimizer is helping brands drive engagement in new ways

Real-time experiences, real-time customer action

A major sports franchise leverages the unified customer profile and segmentation to personalise over 14 million push messages within two minutes of a major announcement, quickly driving consumers to their media properties.


Modern omnichannel orchestration

A national retailer uses the Adobe Customer Journey Optimizer to combine Door Buster campaigns with one-to-one interactions. This creates the perfect personalised journey that drives in-store and online commerce for back-to-school, Black Friday, and other events in the retail calendar.


Intelligence provides real value to the customer journey

A global franchise uses AI-driven decisioning to send dining guests a reminder 15 minutes before their reservation with restaurant directions from the guest’s location.

Tools to optimise the full customer journey


Natively built on the industry leading Adobe Experience Platform, Journey Optimizer lets you manage inbound customer engagement and outbound omnichannel campaigns in one cloud-native application.

Unified, real-time profile with identity resolution and segmentation at scale

Email, push, and in-app messaging at speeds of up to 90 million per hour and tens of millions within minutes

Intelligent offer decisioning selects next best offer based on real-time customer behaviour

Modern digital asset management fuels content velocity by connecting sources of content directly to channels of execution

Extensible across enterprise content and data applications.

Tools to optimise the full customer journey

Meet your business goals

Meet your business goals

Simplify management - A single application for omnichannel campaigns and real-time engagement.

Improve engagement - Personalised content based on profiles updated in real time

Increase conversion - Data-driven insights with instant views into journey progression.

Speed time to market - Modern UX with journey templates and AI-powered workflows.

Scale as you need - Cloud-native scalability and agility with API extensibility.

Discover the world of personalisation

Our audience expects a personalised experience in every interaction

See how Adobe can help you effectively create engaging personalised customer experiences.


Experience should be personal. Anything else is irrelevant.

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Adobe Journey Optimizer: FAQs.

Check out our answers to some commonly asked questions to discover how the Adobe Journey Optimizer can take your campaigns to new places.

How does Adobe Journey Optimizer work?

With Adobe Journey Optimizer you can create and deliver multi-channel one-to-one customer journeys. Real-time data collection allows you to make on-the-spot, insight-guided changes for campaigns to give your customers a joined-up experience across multiple touchpoints. Today’s customers expect you to deliver the same seamless messaging throughout their journey – and with the Adobe Journey Optimizer, you can.

How can Adobe Journey Optimizer help my organisation?

Marketers thrive on being able to create campaigns and journeys that are timely, far-reaching, and above all relevant, for each customer. With Adobe Journey Optimizer you can make real-time changes to customer journeys to personalise every user’s experience. Get the insights you need to make better marketing decisions and ensure each customer is served the right experience at the right time. The Adobe Journey Optimizer can bolt-on to CMS infrastructure to ensure a joined-up approach in just a few clicks.

How do I use the Adobe Journey Optimizer extension?

The extension for Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) Mobile SDKs powers push notifications for your mobile apps. Through this extension you can manage interaction measurement with AEP services and collect user push tokens. Check out this Getting Started guide for more information.


See how our customers are building great experiences and succeeding with Adobe


Financial services

HESTA guides members into a more secure retirement with valuable, personalised information and services


• Better prepare members for retirement by delivering valuable guidance

• Gain a deeper understanding of members’ needs to provide personalised experiences

• Keep new members with HESTA by encouraging them to take small steps towards a better financial future



Empowering better financial futures and building customer loyalty

• Attained industry-leading member satisfaction rate of 7.45 out of 10

• Members 1.6x more likely to take positive action with triggered next-best steps

• Increased new member retention rate by 40% with a personalised welcome journey

• Achieved an average email open rate of up to 50%

Lafayette 148 New York


Lafayette 148 New York quickly shifted its business model to meet customer needs during the COVID-19 pandemic.


• Quickly pivot to address quickly changing customer needs during the COVID-19 pandemic

• Focus on a direct-to-consumer selling model when in-person shopping was not an option


Pivoting to meet customer needs in the new retail reality.

• Worked with its team to design, manufacture and distribute thousands of medical gowns to needy hospitals in New York City.

• Quickly shifted the business model from wholesale to retail


• Utilised customer data to offer clients

Virgin Atlantic


Virgin Atlantic makes travel experiences more personal


• Integrate and automate customer data within product capabilities • Break silos among specialised teams


• Enable consistent end-to-end customer experiences


• Increase personalisation across multiple touchpoints


Personalised experiences help Virgin Atlantic become the most-loved travel company


• Delivers personalised campaigns at various stages in the customer travel journey


• Increase in asset testing and utilisation of test performance data


• 70% increase in marketing channel visibility


• Achieved 50% of acquisition target in first fully integrated campaign


• Builds brand loyalty among Flying Club members

TOOLS & RESOURCES FOR Journey Optimisation

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Acquire and keep customers in a cookieless world with Adobe