Journey Orchestration

Let each customer define their own journey with Journey Orchestration.

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What Journey Orchestration can do for you

Journey Orchestration is a service built on Adobe Experience Platform that allows you tailor individual journeys for every customer based on their previous behaviour and preferences.


Anticipate individual needs through real-time insight.
Configure and use any event to trigger an individual journey. Then apply conditions in real time to personalise the most relevant journey when the event is triggered.

Personalise engagement at scale across channels.
Connect real-time information about customer behaviour and preferences from behavioural, transactional, financial and operational data to Adobe Campaign or other system of action.

Orchestrate the customer experience from start to finish.
Visually create and map individual, event-driven journeys across all systems in an intuitive workflow-based interface to start anticipating and delivering individual experiences at every stage in the journey.

Analyse with journey reporting.
Track detailed performance of executed journeys and how individuals are progressing in real time. Data is automatically sent to Adobe Experience Platform for all deliveries across systems, allowing full-funnel analysis with Adobe Journey Orchestration.

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How Journey Orchestration complements your marketing programmes

Journey Orchestration

Cross-Channel Campaign Management

Inbound & Outbound
Individuals (one-to-one targeting)
Audience batches (segments)
Real-time engagement
Scheduled engagement
Open ecosystem
Email, SMS, Mobile apps, off-line