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Real-time profile and insights

Built on Adobe Experience Platform, a real-time customer profile connects known and unknown data from all sources with advanced privacy, governance, and identity controls. No data transfer latency or integrations required.

Requires data integration to CDPs or data warehouses with batch segmentation updates, data transfer latency, or timed refresh cycles. Profiles don’t store known and unknown data or lack granular data governance controls.

Privacy, governance, security, and trust

Patented tools to operationalize data governance policies. Object and attribute-level access controls, data usage and labels enforcement, audit logs, privacy APIs, and encryption at rest and in transit ensure compliance and provide control over sensitive customer data including HIPAA-ready health data.

Data pre-cleansing tasks introduce latencies and prevent real-time experience. Privacy and trust enforcement managed across multiple apps leading to mistakes. Ambiguous or missing HIPAA readiness.

Omnichannel experience orchestration

Users can deliver all customer experiences from one application and a unified canvas, including emails, app push, SMS, and more. Reusable audiences, segments, assets, and content reduce the complexity of workload and eliminate context switching, enabling faster time to value and easier experience consistency.

Delivery channels are broken into multiple products or modules, often with distinct user interfaces, implementations, or authentication. Data, assets, and content must be duplicated, migrated, or integrated across each context, causing workflow delays and inconsistent experiences.

Adobe technology connections

Built on Adobe Experience Platform, Journey Optimizer leverages shared objects and services with Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform and Adobe Customer Journey Analytics for instant workflows between applications. Native integrations and embedded workflows with other Adobe Experience Cloud applications such as Adobe Target, Adobe Experience Manager, and Adobe Stock aid experience creation and delivery.

Superficial or adapted integrations with Adobe applications result in more code to manage, latencies, and potentially duplicative workflows between systems.

Additional technology connections

Prebuilt data source connections and integrations with with leading vendors across CRM, cloud storage, databases, analytics, advertising, mobile engagement, and more, with APIs available to build custom integrations with other internal and external systems.

Limited prebuilt connectors and batch capabilities prevent custom integrations and reduce the scope of data sources for ingestion or destinations for personalization.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms

Adobe named a Leader in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Multichannel Marketing Hubs.

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