Until someone invents mind reading, there’s Real-Time CDP.

Adobe Real-Time CDP collects B2C and B2B data from across systems and unifies it into real-time profiles ready for activation across any channel.

Infuse actionable data and insights into every experience.

Learn how to prioritise your analytics capabilities to deliver customised content and seamless experiences in the 2023 Digital Trends: Data Insights and Audiences in Focus report.

More power with generative AI.

Adobe Sensei GenAI for Real-Time CDP makes smarter, faster work easier. Here’s what it will do for you:

  • Audience creation and activation - Discover missed segments and automatically create new audiences. 
  • Generative playbooks - Enhance use-case templates by simulating customer journeys using past campaign performance and profile preferences. 
  • Segment refinement - Use conversational insights to continuously integrate and improve audience definitions and outcomes.

If it’s not real time, it isn’t real.

Customer data living in different systems results in delays and disconnections that make it impossible for teams to understand customers and deliver consistent, personalised experiences. CDPs fix this by unifying data — from across the entire organisation. But Adobe takes you beyond other solutions, assembling actionable real-time profiles at scale, all within milliseconds.

One-to-one experiences at scale

Real-time B2C and B2B profiles with instant activation and personalisation for every customer across every touchpoint, every time.

Data collaboration

Build privacy-safe data partnerships and supplement first-party data with partner datasets for enrichment and acquisition without cookies.

Responsible marketing

Patented data governance and advanced tools for regulated industries give teams the ability to market responsibly while ensuring customer privacy and preferences.

Natively connected foundation

Built on the Adobe Experience Platform, Real-Time CDP shares native connectivity with other applications, accelerating time to value without additional connectors.

Want to know if Real-Time CDP is right for your business?

Check out all the advanced features of Real-Time CDP.

Profiles built from streaming data collection.

Enriched, privacy-ready consumer and account profiles update automatically based on behavioural, transactional and operational data without manual data stitching.


  • Data collected from across channels and systems is normalised into a standard taxonomy.
  • Tag management and event forwarding manage data in real time.
  • Person and account-level identity resolution and profile enrichment.
  • Optimised profiles accelerate experience delivery time.

Rapid data collection and distribution.

Collect, enrich and distribute data at incredible speed and scale to jump-start your customer experience management.


  • Hundreds of prebuilt connections and the ability to build customised integrations allow you to connect data from virtually anywhere.
  • Go from set-up to data distribution in hours, not weeks, with Real-Time CDP Connections.
  • Streaming ingestion means profiles are always up to date and ready for activation.
  • Real-Time CDP Connections server-side event forwarding sets you up for a world without cookies.
  • Enrich first-party data with partner data for improved insights and audience creation.

Go from collection to activation in milliseconds.

Through Adobe Experience Platform Edge Network, our globally distributed servers can collect, process and activate data in real time.


  • Built from the ground up to power real-time use cases using the Adobe Experience Data Model (XDM).
  • Prebuilt streaming B2C and B2B integrations let you activate immediately.
  • Customer behaviours trigger automated responses and campaigns.
  • End-to-end collection, identity resolution, governance, segmentation and activation in milliseconds.

Patented privacy and data governance tools.

Inspire customer trust and loyalty with advanced data governance tools that keep data secure while giving appropriate access to teams across the organisation.


  • A preset and customisable data governance framework gives you peace of mind.
  • Data source labelling and policy creation ensure compliance.
  • Automated enforcement prevents policy violations.
  • Convenient data lineage allows for easy modification.

AI-driven insights at the profile level.

Improve segmentation and personalisation with machine learning (ML) and AI-powered predictive propensity scores and contextual insights that let you understand your customers better.


  • B2C propensity scores, insights and predictions.
  • B2B lead prediction and account scoring.
  • Customer churn and conversion predictions at the individual level with explanations.
  • Easy-to-use workflows.
  • Accurate AI-driven insights and audiences made actionable with prebuilt and customised integrations for experience delivery.

Consumer and account profiles.

Support both your B2C and B2B business with the only CDP that gives you unified, actionable person and account profiles.


  • Person, account and hybrid customer profiles based on both consumer and professional attributes and behaviours.
  • Consumer and account-based segmentation.
  • Prebuilt B2C and B2B marketing and advertising integrations.
  • Data schemas designed for B2C and B2B marketing.
Innovative. Advanced features. B2C and B2B use cases. IDC names Adobe a Leader.

Here’s what makes Adobe Real-Time CDP different.

  • Real-time profiles that are ready for activation across channels let you deliver relevant, up-to-the-moment experiences.
  • Patented data governance framework ensures customer privacy and preferences, enables compliance with internal and external policies and gives role-based access to teams across the enterprise.
  • Privacy-safe partnerships, data collaborations and support for partner data take your strategy into a cookieless future.
  • Hundreds of prebuilt and customisable connections to build truly complete profiles and activate audiences anywhere.
  • A single solution to create and manage B2C, B2B and hybrid profiles.

Marketers get easy personalisation. IT gets clean sophistication.

Empower B2C and B2B marketers.

Real-Time CDP gives marketers the data management tools they need to deliver consistent personalisation across channels.


  • Easy-to-use interface and AI-driven workflows.
  • Prebuilt integrations across channels, including social, email, in-app, on-site and more.
  • Real-time customer profiles to power great experiences.
  • Built to incorporate new marketing channels and technology.

Give IT confidence and flexibility.

IT is tasked with keeping the entire organisation functioning while protecting it from threats — both malicious and accidental.


  • Powered by the API-based Adobe Experience Platform, Real-Time CDP integrates with any tech stack — existing or future.
  • A flexible and configurable data governance framework keeps data safe while giving teams the access they need.
  • Profiles accessible to internal and external partner systems, allowing for easy adoption and use-case expansion.

Real-time engagement give these brands real results.

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“Our expanded partnership with Adobe will enable us to enhance the customer experience even further, driving personalisation at scale and further optimising The Home Depot experience across online and in store.”

Melanie Babcock, Vice President of Integrated Media at The Home Depot


Real-Time CDP + Adobe Journey Optimizer

Bring the strengths of these two products together to create end-to-end, real-time customer experiences. Build unified profiles and actionable audiences while you also create, orchestrate and deliver personalised customer experiences from a single platform.

Real-Time CDP + Adobe Marketo Engage

Combine Marketo Engage data with all other B2B data in Real-Time CDP to create complete real-time lead, account and opportunity profiles. Then activate those profiles with Marketo Engage for personalised lead- and account-based engagement.

Real-Time CDP + Adobe Analytics

Quickly move from insights to activation with native connectivity. Insights generated in Analytics are unified with your other data sources in Real-Time CDP, creating actionable unified profiles for personalisation at scale.

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