Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform

Unify, activate and govern B2C and B2B marketing data in real time.

Data is everything – but it’s everywhere. Use the Adobe Real-time CDP (Customer Data Platform) to bring together your key insights – from email opens to abandoned baskets – in a centralised dashboard. Collect, normalise, and unify customer data into robust, real-time people and account profiles within the Adobe data platform.

Customer data management in real time: benefits of the Adobe Real-Time CDP

“Adobe’s Real-Time CDP is one system, and it handles all of the use cases across the customer journey — from the very beginning when they’re an unknown customer, all the way through to when they convert.”

Matt Skinner

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Adobe Audience Manager

Your organisation will likely have lots of data streams from email campaigns, website analytics, paid media, and more. The Adobe customer data platform brings all this together – giving you real-time customer data that’s easy to access, all in one place.

Combine all individual and company data — internal and external, known and unknown — into a standard taxonomy that can be activated fast using the Adobe Real-time CDP.

Imagine the personalised experiences you could deliver with all that data combined in one place and available at the tap of a button? That’s what you get with the Adobe customer data platform.

The Adobe Real-time CDP is the beating heart of your customer experience. From this dashboard you can gather known data such as users’ names, locations, and previous purchases, alongside unknown data like product searches.

Here you can create trusted customer profiles informed by customer journey analytics. Our enriched, privacy-ready profiles automatically update in real time — there’s no need to manually stitch together data.

Because your profiles update in real time within our customer data platform dashboard, you can react instantly to customer events. For example, when someone likes your Instagram post or opens an email, their profile will update.

This makes it easier to deliver the right experience at the right time – on any platform, including web, email, and social. Use our CDP marketing tools to deliver personalised experiences in the moments that matter. 

Customer data is highly sensitive. You must handle it correctly and within the regulations. The Adobe Real-time CDP boasts best-in-class governance tools – empowering you to manage data with the care it deserves and demands.
· Responsibly manage customer data
· Comply with regional data policies
· Be transparent with customers

The Adobe customer data platform provides the peace of mind you and your customers demand. 

Connect both your B2C and B2B data to create hybrid profiles made up of combined consumer and professional behaviour that identify and power new revenue opportunities across teams and lines of business.

Adobe Real-Time CDP stories

TEG Analytics is a ticketing and live entertainment business which uses the Adobe Experience Cloud suite to connect with its 15 million active customers across Australia. 

“Due to the nature of our ticketing business, we interact with a huge percentage of the Australian population, from every walk of life. We can learn a lot of valuable information about customers’ specific interests and preferences, giving us insights that very few companies can match.” 

Daevid Richards

Head of Audience Automation at TEG Analytics

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Real-Time CDP is an Adweek Reader's Choice: Best of Tech Award Winner.

Read how Real-Time CDP solved marketing’s three biggest challenges here.

Real-Time CDP is an Adweek Reader's Choice: Best of Tech Award Winner.

Read how Real-Time CDP solved marketing’s three biggest challenges here.

Adobe Real-time CDP product features.

Streaming data collection

Normalised, flexible data model usable across Adobe and non-Adobe connections

People and account-based data schemas designed for B2B and B2C marketing

Unified, real-time data streaming across connected systems

Convenient library of pre-built people and account-based data source connectors

Streaming Data Collection

Tools For Marketers

Real-time CDP profiles and activation

Customer data platform unifies people and account profiles that contain personal and company data

Drag-and-drop segmentation designed for B2C and B2B marketers

Person and account-level identity resolution and profile enrichment

Reactive activation in all channels and environments with our real-time customer data platform

Patented Data Governance

Preset and customisable data governance framework for peace of mind

Data source labelling and policy creation to ensure compliance

Automated enforcement to prevent policy violation

Convenient data lineage for easy modification

Real-time profiles and activation

Combined B2C & B2B data

Combined B2C & B2B data

A single CDP used for multiple lines of business 

Combined consumer and professional data inside a unified CDP 

Hybrid person profiles containing both consumer and professional behaviour and attributes 

People & account-based segmentation powered by B2C and B2B data

Adobe Real-Time CDP stories

Insurer Allianz Australia uses Adobe Experience Cloud to identify the audience segments that delivered the most ROI from search campaigns and other activities. 

“We’re on the journey of delivering consistent messages and brand experiences, regardless of where a customer is – be it online, TV, streaming or other channels. All of these experiences begin with our ability to view, segment and act on customer data from a single place.” 


Mark Dawson

Senior Manager of Digital Optimisation at Allianz Group

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Discover more Real-Time CDP case studies


Get answers to the key questions asked by digital marketing professionals.

What is a CDP?

CDP stands for customer data platform. It’s a digital marketing tool that combines the various customer data gathered across your business – for example, email campaigns and website analytics. This data can then be assigned to individual people, enabling you to build rich customer profiles and deliver personalised content. This is different to a DMP (data management platform) which cannot assign data to individuals.

What is a CDP used for?

A CDP (customer data platform) is a digital marketing tool used to unify different strands of data gathered across your business. By assigning data to individual customers, you can create audience profiles and segments. Large organisations use CDPs to deliver personalisation at scale.

How does a customer data platform work?

A customer data platform combines data into one centralised hub or dashboard. Each interaction a person has with a brand is fed into their customer profile, which updates live in the dashboard.

What’s the difference between a CDP and a CRM?

Here’s the main difference between a CRM and a CDP:

·  A CRM (customer relationship management) system is just one source of data. It will work alongside other strands in the marketing mix, such as a loyalty program or email campaigns.

·  A CDP (customer data platform) brings together data strands from different sources into one centralised location to build and curate individual customer profiles.

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Real-Time CDP, Real-Time customer experience

Combine known and unknown data to create one-to-one personalised experiences across all channels.


Solving the customer data platform problem

Real-Time CDP lets marketers unify data from all sources and systems and activate across channels in real time. 

Let's talk about what Adobe Real-Time CDP can do for your business.

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