Real-Time Customer Data Platform

Deliver real-time personalization with Real-Time CDP.

What Real-Time Customer Data Platform can do for you

As part of Adobe Experience Platform, Real-Time CDP helps you combine known and unknown customer data in real-time for holistic, up-to-date profiles you can access in any channel to create true personalization.

Step 1: Connect your data
With Experience Platform, unite all your marketing systems and streamline workflows with unified profiles to discover insights for long-term personalization.

Step 2: Create high-value segments
Tap into your unified customer record to create segments based on audience use cases, using intelligent workflows built specifically for marketers.

Step 3: Activate profiles in real time
Use those segments to instantly test and deliver personalized experiences to customers everywhere based on real-time updates to customer profiles.

Real-Time CDP is an Adweek Reader's Choice: Best of Tech Award Winner.

Read how Real-Time CDP solved marketing’s three biggest challenges here.

When it comes to multichannel marketing hubs, choose a Magic Quadrant Leader.

In an evaluation of 19 vendors, Adobe was named a Leader in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Multichannel Marketing Hubs. Read the report to find out why.

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