Real-time Customer Data Platform

Unify and activate people and account profiles in real time

Collect, normalise and unify all known and unknown individual data and company data into robust, real-time people and account profiles that let B2C and B2B marketers deliver personalised experiences across any channel, at scale.

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The benefits of Real-time Customer Data Platform

Single, uniform data format
Combine all individual and company data — internal and external, known and unknown — into a standard taxonomy that can be activated in real time.

Real-time people and account profiles
Get enriched, privacy-ready profiles that automatically update in real time without the need to manually stitch together data.

Actionable insights for B2C and B2B
React instantly to customer events to deliver timely, relevant experiences to any destination, including web, email, mobile and social.

Privacy controls and data governance
Best-in-class usage governance lets brands use data more responsibly and transparently — and gives consumers greater control over their information.

A cookieless future? You’ll be fine.

Five tips — from tech audits to reducing friction.

Purpose-built from the ground up to power B2C and B2B marketing at scale

Streaming data collection

Normalised, flexible data model usable across Adobe and non-Adobe connections

People and account-based data schemas designed for B2B and B2C marketing

Unified, real-time data streaming across connected systems

Convenient library of pre-built people and account-based data source connectors

Streaming Data Collection

Tools For Marketers

Real-time profiles and activation

Unified person and account profiles that contain consumer data, professional data or both types of data combined

Drag-and-drop segmentation designed for B2C and B2B marketers

Person and account-level identity resolution and profile enrichment

Real-time activation in all channels and environments

Patented Data Governance

Preset and customisable data governance framework for peace of mind

Data source labelling and policy creation to ensure compliance

Automated enforcement to prevent policy violation

Convenient data lineage for easy modification

Real-time profiles and activation

Combined B2C & B2B data

Combined B2C & B2B data

A single CDP used for multiple lines of business 

Combined consumer and professional data inside a unified CDP 

Hybrid person profiles containing both consumer and professional behaviour and attributes 

People & account-based segmentation powered by B2C and B2B data

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Real-time CDP, Real-Time customer experience

Combine known and unknown data to create one-to-one personalised experiences across all channels.


Solving the customer data platform problem

Real-time CDP lets marketers unify data from all sources and systems and activate across channels in real time. 

Let's talk about what Adobe Real-Time CDP can do for your business.