Real-Time Customer Data Platform

Better insights, faster activation, and privacy tools you — and your customers — can trust.

Engage consumers and businesses with consistent experiences across the entire customer journey using unified, real-time people and account profiles made up of consumer data, professional data, or both at once.

Complete Profile

Start with unified, complete profiles


For B2C and B2B marketers, getting a comprehensive understanding of customers and finding usable insights typically require manual workflows, advanced skills and IT support. Real-Time CDP empowers marketers by collecting data from across various Adobe and non-Adobe sources, combining unknown data with personally identifiable information (PII), and resolving it all into unified people and account profiles that update in real-time as activity or inactivity happens. Cross-channel identity resolution and dynamic identity graphs give additional scale and accuracy, allowing for more flexible audience segmentation and precise personalization.

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Connect with customers across all touchpoints


Marketers are curators of multi-step, often complicated customer journeys. The challenge is creating B2C and B2B experiences that are relevant, seamless, competitive and quick enough to keep up with the customer. With actionable real-time profiles and prebuilt connectors to marketing and advertising channels, Real-Time CDP makes it easy to provide timely, personalized and differentiated experiences — the kind that deepen existing customer relationships and attract new ones.

Complete Profile

Build trust with strong data governance


Collecting and using personally identifiable information is the future of truly personalized B2C and B2B customer experiences. But the benefits come with the challenges of maintaining customer privacy, managing data access and usage, and translating changing customer preferences across internal systems and campaigns. Because we built Real-Time CDP specifically for personalized marketing, we included enterprise-level data governance tools that make it easy to responsibly manage customer data, ensuring greater peace-of-mind through compliance with regional and organizational data policies and giving customers greater transparency of their data so that your brand is a trusted one.

B2B and B2C

Use a single CDP for all B2C and B2B lines of business


Unifying data across a single business with a complex tech stack is challenging. Unifying data across multiple lines of business with multiple complex tech stacks can seem impossible, especially when acquisitions occur or if your company sells to both consumers and businesses. Real-Time CDP was built from the ground up to combine both consumer data and professional data into unified hybrid profiles of people across multiple lines of business, allowing B2C and B2B marketing teams to use the same CDP and work closer together to identify previously impossible cross-sell/up-sell revenue opportunities.

Keep customer data updated in real-time.

Unify customer data. Create rich profiles. Deliver personalised experiences.

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