Build customer profiles that power real-time experiences.

Unify cross-channel data into real-time customer and account profiles that are ready for activation anywhere — all while respecting customer preferences.

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Explore the features of Real-Time CDP.

Built on the Adobe Experience Platform, Real-Time CDP lets you create high-value audience segments for real-time B2C and B2B use cases across the marketing funnel, without relying on third-party cookies.

  1. Unified profiles
  2. Audience management
  3. Cookieless marketing
  4. Data governance
  5. Audience activation
  6. Data collaboration
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Connected data for a real-time view of your customer.

Unify and normalize known and pseudonymous customer data across all online and offline sources to create real-time, actionable B2B and B2C customer profiles.

  • Ensure enterprise systems and teams use consistent data.
  • Understand customers across their devices to improve engagement.
  • Stream data for real-time insights and faster time to market.

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End-to-end audience management.

Enrich and segment unified profiles in real time. With AI-powered insights, you can create complete audiences so your campaigns can be on target and relevant.

  • Boost efficiency with prebuilt workflows that understand how data sources are used in audiences and then activated downstream to destinations.
  • Find new customers and act quickly on changing customer behavior with look-alike audiences and propensity scoring that predict the likelihood that leads and accounts will convert.
  • Centrally manage audiences for your entire business, including audiences built in other applications.
  • Augment audiences with profiles federated from AWS Redshift, Azure Synapse, Databricks, Google BigQuery and Snowflake to let marketers combine batch and real-time use cases.

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Marketing in a world without third-party cookies.

Boost marketing effectiveness across the funnel by equipping your channels with more data-rich audiences.

  • Retain scale in your marketing by associating durable identifiers with customer profiles.
  • Securely collaborate on first-party data and audiences with trusted partners.
  • Reach your audience with advertising-focused integrations that don’t rely on antiquated identifiers.

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Data governance tools for the enterprise.

Manage customer data across all lines of business from one centralized platform.

  • Stay compliant with transparent tools for consent collection, data labeling, policy creation, and data usage enforcement.
  • Prevent users from activating sensitive data.
  • Manage consumer data requests with both an API and user-friendly interface.
  • View data sources and policies before activating audiences.

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Relevant and real-time customer experiences across channels.

Activate your B2C and B2B audiences in real time on Adobe and non-Adobe marketing applications.

  • Deliver more targeted customer experiences and in-the-moment personalization.
  • Strengthen cross-channel campaigns by activating both known and unknown data.
  • Orchestrate customer journeys on an easy-to-use canvas.
  • Use partner data, use-case playbooks, and an AI Assistant to drive better audience activation.

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Audience discovery without third-party cookies.

Enhance advertising efforts by reaching customers where they are and measure effectiveness with security at the core.

  • Identify high-value audiences for campaign planning and discover where they can be reached across premium publishers.
  • Allow advertisers and publishers to work together to deliver campaigns that best target and reach these audiences across multiple channels.
  • Understand campaign performance at an aggregate level, all while maintaining the highest level of customer privacy.

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Boost efficiency with AI Assistant.

Streamline workflows and enhance productivity with this easy-to-use conversational AI Assistant.

  • Quickly access product information, troubleshoot issues , or learn new concepts.
  • Perform tasks faster, whether it’s exploring data or understanding operational insights.

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Adobe delivered a 431% combined return of investment for top companies.

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Driving results for some of the world’s biggest companies.

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“Our expanded partnership with Adobe will enable us to enhance the customer experience even further, driving personalization at scale and further optimizing The Home Depot experience across online and in store.”

Melanie Babcock, Vice President of Integrated Media at The Home Depot

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Better together.

Connect Adobe products to create experiences that are right on time and just right for your customers.

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Real-Time CDP + Adobe Journey Optimizer

Build unified profiles and actionable audiences while also creating and delivering personalized customer experiences.

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Real-Time CDP + Adobe Customer Journey Analytics

Supplement customer profiles with cross-channel behavioral insights for enhanced audience creation and activation.

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Personalization at scale

Adobe can help you make personalized experiences a part of every customer moment.

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Questions? We have answers.

What is a CDP and what does it do?
A customer data platform (CDP) is a software solution that centralizes your data across multiple channels and systems to create a single unified customer profile. This integrated database pairs real-time insights from customer interactions with scalable management tools to create more meaningful experiences for your customers.
What is Adobe Real-Time CDP?
Adobe Real-Time CDP is an application service built on top of Adobe Experience Platform that brings together known and unknown customer data to create trusted customer profiles with simplified integration, intelligent segmentation, and real-time activation across the digital customer journey.
What is customer data integration and why is it important?

Consumer data integration is a series of protocols and processes that combine and organize customer data from multiple sources. CDI connects with multiple databases and imports the information into a single silo.

Information gathered in one place is easier to manage, access, and secure. Even more importantly, customer data gathered in one place enhances the organization’s ability to analyze and visualize the data — and do so in minimal time.

CDI is a crucial component of any business strategy that seeks to make decisions based on consumer behavior.

What are the similarities and differences between CDP, CRM and DMPs?

The main difference between a DMP, CDP, and CRM is the primary purpose for which customer data is stored and organized. Between managing existing customers, marketing to potential customers, or integrating that information to create a unified customer profile, each platform uses data in different ways.

A customer data platform (CDP) builds a robust, varied picture of customers by collecting data from a wide array of sources. A CDP combines customer data from your website, customer service interactions, mobile app visits, physical visits to a store, and even a CRM or DMP.

The focus of a customer relationship management (CRM) platform is managing relationships with existing customers and leads. It helps organize data such as purchase history, customer contact information, and any communications that might have happened with that individual.

A data management platform (DMP) pulls user data from third parties to target audiences more efficiently and segment key attributes. It captures user data, anonymizes it, and then exchanges it with other companies for targeted advertising.

Does Adobe Real-Time CDP provide customer data management?
Yes. Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform (CDP) is a single system for customer data management across the customer lifecycle — from a prospect that has never engaged with the brand before to a first-time site visitor, return visitor, converted customer, and loyal frequent customer of various products or services across lines of business.