Until someone invents mind reading, there’s Real-Time CDP.

Adobe Real-Time CDP collects B2C and B2B data from across systems and unifies it into real-time profiles ready for activation across any channel.

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Real-Time CDP is your complete customer data management solution — from acquisition through loyalty — with customer data capabilities and advanced tools built in. Using durable third-party data integrations and second-party data collaboration tools, you can prospect new customers, enrich top-of-funnel experiences, optimize your audience targeting, and more — all without third-party cookies.

One-to-one experiences at scale

Real-time B2C and B2B profiles with instant activation and personalization for every customer across every touchpoint, every time.

Full-funnel marketing

Build privacy-safe data partnerships and supplement first-party data with partner datasets for enrichment and acquisition without cookies.

Responsible marketing

Patented data governance and advanced tools for regulated industries let teams responsibly market while ensuring customer privacy and preferences.

Natively connected foundation

Built on the Adobe Experience Platform, Real-Time CDP connects natively with other applications for fast results without additional connectors.

Supercharged audiences

Compose, build, rank, split, model, and more to craft audiences for the enterprise.


The Total Economic Impact™ of Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform, Journey Optimizer, and Customer Journey Analytics.

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Check out all the advanced features of Real-Time CDP.

  1. Unified profiles
  2. Data connections
  3. Data governance
  4. Activation anywhere
  5. Marketing workflows
  6. AI-driven insights
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Profiles built from streaming data collection.

Enriched, privacy-ready consumer and account profiles update automatically based on behavioral, transactional, and operational data without manual data stitching.

  • Data collected from across channels and systems is normalized into a standard taxonomy.
  • Tag management and event forwarding manage data in real time.
  • Person and account-level identity resolution and profile enrichment.
  • Optimized profiles accelerate experience delivery time.

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Rapid data collection and distribution.

Collect, enrich, and distribute data at incredible speed and scale to jump-start your customer experience management.

  • Hundreds of prebuilt connections and the ability to build custom integrations allow you to connect data from virtually anywhere.
  • Go from setup to data distribution in hours, not weeks, with Real-Time CDP Connections.
  • Streaming ingestion means profiles are always up to date and ready for activation.
  • Real-Time CDP Connections server-side event forwarding sets you up for a world without cookies.
  • Enrich first-party data with partner data for improved insights and audience creation.

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Patented privacy and data governance tools.

Inspire customer trust and loyalty with advanced data governance tools that keep data secure while giving appropriate access to teams across the organization.

  • A preset and customizable data governance framework gives you peace of mind.
  • Data source labeling and policy creation ensure compliance.
  • Automated enforcement prevents policy violations.
  • Convenient data lineage allows for easy modification.

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Consumer and account profiles.

Support both your B2C and B2B business with the only CDP that gives you unified, actionable person and account profiles.

  • Person, account, and hybrid customer profiles based on both consumer and professional attributes and behaviors.
  • Consumer and account-based segmentation.
  • Prebuilt B2C and B2B marketing and advertising integrations.
  • Data schemas designed for B2C and B2B marketing.

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Get data science-driven marketing workflows.

Make data-informed decisions and generate customer insights with data science capabilities that automate analysis processes and marketing-specific workflows.

  • Intelligent workflows with unified people and account profiles empower you to create more complete segments.
  • Out-of-the box reports, charts and dashboards allow you to visualize profiles, monitor data connections, and more.
  • AI adds propensity scores, insights, predictions, as well as B2B opportunities with predictive lead tools and account scoring.
  • Web and mobile SDKs and ad hoc querying let you prepare, deploy, and collect data with testing mechanisms in place.

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AI-driven insights at the profile level.

Improve segmentation and personalization with machine learning (ML) and AI-powered predictive propensity scores and contextual insights that let you understand your customers better.

  • B2C propensity scores, insights, and predictions.
  • B2B lead prediction and account scoring.
  • Customer churn and conversion predictions at the individual level with explanations.
  • Easy-to-use workflows.
  • Accurate AI-driven insights and audiences made actionable with prebuilt and custom integrations for experience delivery.

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Here’s what makes Adobe Real-Time CDP different.

  • Real-time profiles that are ready for activation across channels let you deliver relevant, up-to-the-moment experiences.
  • Patented data governance framework ensures customer privacy and preferences, enables compliance with internal and external policies, and gives role-based access to teams across the enterprise.
  • Privacy-safe partnerships, data collaborations, and support for partner data take your strategy into a cookieless future.
  • Hundreds of prebuilt and customizable connections to build truly complete profiles and activate audiences anywhere.
  • A single solution to create and manage B2C, B2B, and hybrid profiles.
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Marketers get easy personalization. IT gets clean sophistication.

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Empower B2C and B2B marketers.

Real-Time CDP gives marketers the data management tools they need to deliver consistent personalization across channels.

  • Easy-to-use interface and AI-driven workflows.
  • Prebuilt integrations across channels, including social, email, in-app, on-site, and more.
  • Real-time customer profiles to power great experiences.
  • Built to incorporate new marketing channels and technology.
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Give IT confidence and flexibility.

IT is tasked with keeping the entire organization functioning while protecting it from threats — both malicious and accidental.

  • Powered by the API-based Adobe Experience Platform, Real-Time CDP integrates with any tech stack — existing or future.
  • A flexible and configurable data governance framework keeps data safe while giving teams the access they need.
  • Profiles accessible to internal and external partner systems, allowing for easy adoption and use-case expansion.

Real-time engagement give these brands real results.

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“Our expanded partnership with Adobe will enable us to enhance the customer experience even further, driving personalization at scale and further optimizing The Home Depot experience across online and in store.”

Melanie Babcock, Vice President of Integrated Media at The Home Depot

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Real-Time CDP + Adobe Journey Optimizer

Bring the strengths of these two products together to create end-to-end, real-time customer experiences. Build unified profiles and actionable audiences while you also create, orchestrate, and deliver personalized customer experiences from a single platform.

Learn more about Journey Optimizer

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Real-Time CDP + Adobe Marketo Engage

Combine Marketo Engage data with all other B2B data in Real-Time CDP to create complete real-time lead, account, and opportunity profiles. Then activate those profiles with Marketo Engage for personalized lead- and account-based engagement.

Learn more about Marketo Engage

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Real-Time CDP + Adobe Analytics

Quickly move from insights to activation with native connectivity. Insights generated in Analytics are unified with your other data sources in Real-Time CDP, creating actionable unified profiles for personalization at scale.

Learn more about Analytics

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Questions? We have answers.

What is a CDP and what does it do?
A customer data platform (CDP) is a software solution that centralizes your data across multiple channels and systems to create a single unified customer profile. This integrated database pairs real-time insights from customer interactions with scalable management tools to create more meaningful experiences for your customers.
What is Adobe Real-Time CDP?
Adobe Real-Time CDP is an application service built on top of Adobe Experience Platform that brings together known and unknown customer data to create trusted customer profiles with simplified integration, intelligent segmentation, and real-time activation across the digital customer journey.
What is customer data integration and why is it important?

Consumer data integration is a series of protocols and processes that combine and organize customer data from multiple sources. CDI connects with multiple databases and imports the information into a single silo.

Information gathered in one place is easier to manage, access, and secure. Even more importantly, customer data gathered in one place enhances the organization’s ability to analyze and visualize the data — and do so in minimal time.

CDI is a crucial component of any business strategy that seeks to make decisions based on consumer behavior.

What are the similarities and differences between CDP, CRM and DMPs?

The main difference between a DMP, CDP, and CRM is the primary purpose for which customer data is stored and organized. Between managing existing customers, marketing to potential customers, or integrating that information to create a unified customer profile, each platform uses data in different ways.

A customer data platform (CDP) builds a robust, varied picture of customers by collecting data from a wide array of sources. A CDP combines customer data from your website, customer service interactions, mobile app visits, physical visits to a store, and even a CRM or DMP.

The focus of a customer relationship management (CRM) platform is managing relationships with existing customers and leads. It helps organize data such as purchase history, customer contact information, and any communications that might have happened with that individual.

A data management platform (DMP) pulls user data from third parties to target audiences more efficiently and segment key attributes. It captures user data, anonymizes it, and then exchanges it with other companies for targeted advertising.

Does Adobe Real-Time CDP provide customer data management?
Yes. Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform (CDP) is a single system for customer data management across the customer lifecycle — from a prospect that has never engaged with the brand before to a first-time site visitor, return visitor, converted customer, and loyal frequent customer of various products or services across lines of business.