Adobe Real-Time CDP features

We built Adobe Real-Time CDP from the ground up to empower B2C and B2B marketers with actionable, unified profiles and tools to deliver relevant, contextual experiences to customers in real time and at scale.

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Here's what Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform offers.

Provide marketing with an actionable view of your customers.

Empower your marketing team and free up your IT department with tools that let marketers manage real-time people and account profiles and that provide the rich insights to help ensure consistent B2C and B2B experiences across channels.

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Let Marketing Manage Profiles

Unified people & account profiles
Safely collect and unify personal data, company data, or both types of data at the same time to form complete people and account profiles.
Real-time profile enrichment
Enrich your unified people and account profiles with known, unknown, external and internal data as activity happens to drive real-time personalization and insights for B2C and B2B experiences.
People & account identity resolution
Data cleansing, identity resolution, and person-to-account matching capabilities resolve multiple people and account records into unified profiles.
Complete people and account insights
Gaining visibility into attributes and behaviors gives a complete understanding of customer identities at the individual profile level, account level or aggregated segment level.
Marketing-friendly segmentation
Out-of-the-box dashboards, advanced drag-and-drop segmentation and a user interface optimized with marketing-specific workflows let marketers manage and process data efficiently without requiring IT support.
Data collaboration
Build privacy-safe data partnerships with brands and publishers using Segment Match, then supplement first-party data with partner datasets for enrichment and acquisition without cookies.
Streaming data collection
Capture data from multiple channels and systems to create up-to-the-second profiles, get insights, and accelerate downstream personalization.
Standardized data taxonomy
Translate personal and company data from all sources into a common, flexible language so it's accessible across teams and systems.
Vendor tag management
Easily manage disparate tags from multiple vendors and send event data server side to destinations of choice.
Simplified data management
Simplify implementation with one code library and one edge network, decreasing the volume of code to manage, implementation time, and cost of ownership.
Prebuilt B2C and B2B connectors
Integrate with an extensible network of Adobe and non-Adobe partners and applications using pre-built B2C and B2B connectors that speed up campaign setup and time-to-market.

Make sense of the data, regardless of source.

Simplify data collection, management, and activation with a robust streaming platform that unites fragmented personal and company data, systems, and teams regardless of source, channel, or device.

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Use trusted, patented data governance tools with confidence.

Adobe Real-Time CDP ensures responsible marketing at scale with tools that help you confidently operationalize data access and use to comply with organizational, industry, and regional governance policies.

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Data labeling
Out-of-the box and customizable data tags categorize and label private and public data for managing data access and use.
Data policy tools
Set use-case policies against each data label, identifying appropriate and inappropriate access or destinations.
Data usage enforcement
Ensure data policies are enforced with automatic notifications that alert you if data is being mapped to a destination that’s against policy.
Customer consent management
Data governance tools apply to both known and unknown identifiers across personal and company data, ensuring customers are removed from all marketing initiatives if they opt out.
Data lineage
View the lineage of specific data upon usage and alerts to be conveniently reminded of which sources the data is being ingested from before activating it across connected tools.
Advanced capabilities
Tools for privacy-first brands and regulated industries — including support for HIPAA readiness so brands can enrich profiles with Protected Health Information (PHI).
People & account profile activation
Prebuilt B2C and B2B integrations connect directly to advertising and marketing ecosystems, allowing real-time activation at scale.
One-to-one personalization
Orchestrate experiences for individualized personalization across channels leveraging up-to-date people and account profiles.
Behavior-informed experiences
Trigger automatic responses and campaign association based on customer and target account activity, or inactivity, such as conversion events, form fills, and opt-outs using real-time profiles of people and accounts.
Fast, convenient audience activation
Prebuilt streaming destinations ensure in-the-moment relevant customer experiences, including on-site and in-app personalization within milliseconds.
Paid media activation
Grow your audience and engage existing customers with retargeting, suppression, and prospecting in paid media environments.

Activate B2C and B2B experiences based on real-time data.

Prebuilt B2C and B2B integrations with key marketing and advertising applications allow marketers to personalize people- and account-based experiences with real-time data and CDP features, reaching new prospects and strengthening relationships with existing customers.

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Get data science-driven marketing workflows.

Make data-informed decisions and generate customer insights with data science capabilities that automate analysis processes and marketing-specific workflows.

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Intelligent workflows
Power your data science workflows and audience use cases with unified people and account profiles to create more complete, granular, and accurate segments.
Deployment and testing
Web and mobile SDKs and ad hoc querying let you easily prepare, deploy, and collect data with testing mechanisms in place.
Personalization testing and optimization
Easily prepare, deploy, and collect data with personalization tools for testing and delivery in owned properties.
AI-powered insights and propensity scoring
Use AI to identify individual profile-level propensity scores, insights, and predictions, and B2B sales opportunities with predictive lead tools and account scoring — all configured to your business needs.
In-context reports and metrics
Out-of-the box reports, charts and dashboards allow you to visualize profiles, monitor data connections, and understand segments right from the start.

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