Digitally Mature Companies Are Coping Best During COVID-19

Diverse people take part in group video call.

If there’s one business lesson that has come from COVID-19, it’s that the companies that have invested time, resources and budget to build a digital foundation, are having an easier time staying resilient through this pandemic.

That was the key takeaway of a webcast by Adobe, featuring Garth Bradley, VP of integrated campaigns at Workfront, and Shane LaBounty, creative operations leader at CenturyLink, who talked about the importance of a technology foundation that sets teams up to be able to work from anywhere and still remain collaborative, organized, and productive.

“We started this journey about 18 months ago, when we really looked at how we could streamline [our workflow] and create systems and processes that let us plan…and coordinate work,” LaBounty said, referring to the work the company did around digitalizing its creative team’s workflows.

Workfront’s Bradley said companies that were already digitally mature when the crisis arose were able to jump right into preparing business continuity plans, rather than suddenly having to digitalize teams from scratch.

“If there’s a silver lining at the end of all of this it will be that we have learned to work in different ways, we’ve had to figure out how to repurpose physical assets in a digital space, and many companies have experienced digitalization overnight,” Bradley said, quoting FCB’s Chief Product Officer, Graham Johnson. “Necessity truly is the mother of all invention.”

Check out the full discussion below, where LaBounty and Bradley give the 411 on creating a digital foundation for success in ambiguous times—because even if you were late to the game, building that foundation now will future-proof your brand. The two experts also share positives and negatives of a dispersed workforce, and tips on how to stay creative while working from home.

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