Adobe Celebrates the 2020 Adobe Experience Maker Award Winners

The world has experienced immense changes over the last few months. Businesses have had to pivot quickly to navigate this new digital world all while continuing to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Adobe is fortunate to work with some of the best brands who are combining innovative ideas and technology to transform the customer experience. To celebrate the exceptional individuals, teams and companies who are delighting their customers and driving true business impact while navigating a new digital reality, Adobe is proud to announce the winners of the 2020 Adobe Experience Maker Awards.

Selecting just 14 winners among our finalists was no easy task, but we are truly amazed by the ingenuity and commitment of these talented individuals and brands. While we couldn’t celebrate in person this year, like we typically do, we leveraged the power of LinkedIn Live to present the awards at a special virtual event earlier tonight.

Without further delay, this year’s winners are:

The Advocate: Foxtel (nominated by HELIUM)

With new competitors entering the streaming market every day, companies looking to rise above the competition will need to embrace a customer-first approach to digital transformation. To stand out among the growing list of Australian streaming providers, Foxtel leaned on Adobe Experience Cloud applications including Adobe Analytics, Adobe Audience Manager, Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Target to personalize the customer experience at scale. Since November 2018, Foxtel delivered over 200 personalization campaigns that contributed 13% in incremental sales.

The Ambassador: Chelsea Kiko, Marketing Operations Manager, McGraw-Hill Education

Chelsea is a four-time Marketo Champion and Fearless 50 member who constantly shares her Adobe Experience Cloud expertise and thought leadership with her colleagues and peers. Recently she helped her team at McGraw-Hill use Adobe Experience Cloud applications to implement more relevant forms on their website and develop a more effective lead strategy. Her team’s efforts resulted in 1,500 marketing influenced opportunities valued at $53 million in pipeline and $6 million in closed-won revenue.

The Analyzer: Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand

Chartered Accountants mastered the art and science of data-driven decision making to delight customers with an exceptional digital experience. The organization utilized Adobe Experience Cloud applications, including Adobe Target, Adobe Analytics and Adobe Advertising Cloud to make process improvements and updates to their digital properties. In just a short time, Chartered Accountants has seen growth in conversion rates double for their online store over a six-month period, 39.3% YoY growth in site interactions and a 20% reduction in cost per page view.

The Architect: Westpac

As Australia’s first bank and oldest business, Westpac has seen tremendous growth in the past 200 years. To continue to serve the needs of its customers, Westpac leveraged Adobe Experience Cloud applications to reinvent its personalization approach to deliver engaging and relevant content to customers in real-time on multiple channels across three of their brands. They are leveraging Adobe Experience Manager for content consistency and delivery, Adobe Target and Adobe Audience Manager to segment and personalize the customer experience and Adobe Analytics to track and measure their campaigns. Since reinventing their content strategy, Westpac has seen digital sales grow to 38.7% on a six-month rolling basis and increased customer satisfaction.

The Changemaker: National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC)

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children is a private non-profit corporation whose mission is to help find missing children, reduce child sexual exploitation, and prevent child victimization. NCMEC uses Adobe solutions including Photoshop and Adobe Experience Cloud to engage the community and accomplish its goal of reuniting people with their lost loved ones. In 2019 alone, Adobe Experience Cloud was used to distribute the images and information of more than 29,000 missing children to more than 100 million people through their website, experiential and social media campaigns. Using Adobe solutions, NCMEC’s forensic artists have age-progressed more than 6,800 images of long-term missing children and created more than 550 facial reconstructions for unidentified deceased children.

The Closer: VMware Carbon Black

It’s no longer enough for sales and marketing teams to be aligned. For companies to be successful, the two teams need to be true partners. For VMware Carbon Black, Marketo Engage was the Adobe Experience Cloud application they needed to bring sales and marketing together. With Marketo Engage, marketing can generate robust marketing campaigns, measure results and send only the qualified leads to sales. Sales teams now have clear insight into the leads they are receiving and tailor their conversations to prospects based on past behavior. With sales and marketing working together, VMware Carbon Black has seen bookings grow 23%.

The Magnifier: Refinitiv (nominated by TCS Interactive, a Tata Consultancy Services Business Unit)

Refinitiv is a financial data company for trading and risk management analytics. Formerly the financial and risk business of Thomson Reuters, Refinitiv was born in 2018 but blends 160 years of Reuters heritage with the latest technology. With the new brand as a catalyst, the company set out to create a digital experience that truly catered to the unique needs of its customers with the help of Adobe Experience Cloud applications. The new digital ecosystem encompasses multilayer personalization, AI-powered FAQs, and omnichannel support experience. This new digital experience has already resulted in a 60% increase in customer satisfaction, $600,000 in tech savings and 48% digital revenue growth in Q4 2019 and into 2020.

The Mastermind: Rite Aid (nominated by Something Digital)

As consumers continue to adopt new ways of shopping, and the lines between online and offline retail continue to blur, Rite Aid is leveraging Adobe Experience Cloud applications including Magento Commerce to give its customers a connected shopping experience across physical stores and online. Rite Aid leverages a variety of data points including in-store purchases, in-store visits, online visits, ad views, video and social metrics to better segment, and target their customers. Rite Aid is able to personalize everything from medication reminders to promotional offers driving increased in-store visits and higher online engagement.

The Maverick: TELUS

Canadian telecom company, TELUS is pushing the boundaries of innovation in providing an exceptional customer experience. The company offers its customers a variety of ways to manage their accounts including the company’s website, calling the customer service team, or logging on to the mobile app. The company realized that while the mobile app provided customers with many of the self-service features, they wanted while providing the convenience of being able to log on at any time, the app was being underutilized. TELUS chose Adobe Experience Cloud applications including Adobe Target, Adobe Campaign and Adobe Analytics to help them drive more awareness and engagement with the app. Through engaging and targeted campaigns, TELUS was able to not only drive app downloads and engagement, they’ve also increased conversions for special offers presented through the app.

The Orchestrator: Rural King (nominated by Akeneo)

Rural King stores have been an integral part of the communities they serve for over 55 years. The company wanted to create an online experience that matched the welcoming, helpful and convenient feel of their physical stores. Rural King is using Magento Commerce to deliver a truly omnichannel experience for customers including click-and-collect options, easier-to-understand product information and robust order management to best meet the needs of farmers, ranchers, and rural customers across the United States. Since implementing Magento Commerce, the company doubled the number of products sold online in six months and grew online revenue by 34% YoY.

CenturyLink is a technology leader delivering hybrid networking, cloud connectivity, and security solutions to customers around the world. CenturyLink centralized their tech stack around Adobe Experience Cloud enabling the company to harness data from multiple data sources to transform the digital experience. Now CenturyLink can personalize content based on role, stage in the buyer’s journey and even product stage while maintaining a consistent messaging cadence from research to purchase and beyond. With this effort, CenturyLink saw a higher conversion rate and a 35% increase YoY in pipeline.

Experience Maker of the Year: Josh Mann, Director of Marketing Architecture, Comcast

Josh Mann leads a team at Comcast’s Xfinity Residential business that combined disparate datasets to better orchestrate customer journeys using Adobe Campaign. To break down data silos and deliver more engaging experiences for their customers, the team migrated 75 end users, more than 150 datasets such as billing, modeling and behavior tracking and integrated multiple channels. The team was able to complete this project with no disruption, double their conversion rate and deliver engaging communications to their more than 60 million prospects and customers.

Experience Maker Executive of the Year: Nitin Sethi, Vice President, Digital, IndiGo Airlines

To stay competitive in the Indian airline industry, Nitin leads a team at IndiGo who uses Adobe Experience Cloud applications to deliver game-changing digital experiences. With Nitin’s vision and guidance, the team has been able transform their digital properties, deliver engaging customer experiences and drive significant business growth. For example, IndiGo is the first Indian airline to be able to track saved flights and notify customers when the price on those flights drops. This has resulted in a 40-50% increase in click-through rates. IndiGo is also personalizing customer communications based on personas and search behaviors to provide consistent and compelling content across multiple channels. With the work of Nitin’s team, IndiGo has been able to increase bookings on their website and mobile app by 1% and 3% respectively.

Experience Maker Team of the Year: Sprint

Nestled away on the second floor of Sprint’s Reston, Virginia, headquarters is a team of over 120 data scientists, product managers, digital marketers, UX designers and A/B testers who are leading Sprint’s digital transformation. The team’s creative technology solutions empower Sprint to meet the demand of their customers. As an Adobe Experience Cloud customer, the team has embraced a full suite of content, data and personalization tools to deliver a personalized customer experience at scale. Sprint’s ultimate goal is to be predictive and create a one-to-moment experience which means that they recognize what a customer’s need-state is at that moment and surface the right content for them. Since starting its digital transformation journey, Sprint has seen a 22% increase in overall conversion rates and a 90% increase in customer satisfaction.

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