Adobe Enhances Customer Experience Management with Artificial Intelligence Integration into Marketo Engage’s ABM Solution

Account-based marketing (ABM) has proven to be a successful strategy used to reach high-value targets. It is quickly becoming table stakes for B2B brands that want to maximize their revenue potential. In fact, according to ITSMA survey results, 85% of marketers that measured their ROI said their ABM initiatives outperformed some of their other marketing initiatives. However, adoption of ABM has been slower as building the right target account list can be daunting and require hours of manual work.

As part of Marketing Nation at Adobe Summit this morning, we announced that Marketo Engage, part of Adobe Experience Cloud, has integrated easy-to-use artificial intelligence (AI) into its ABM solution, becoming the first marketing engagement solution to combine the power of predictive modeling and automation into ABM.

The new ABM capability in Marketo Engage, called Account Profiling, is available today and helps sales and marketing collaborate on building the right target account lists. Account Profiling uses AI combined with fit data and intent data to create an ideal customer profile that reveals which accounts sales and marketing should focus on in a matter of seconds — a process that previously took weeks. As a result, sales and marketing teams can take the guesswork out of ABM planning by building target account lists they can trust using data instead of gut-feel opinions, saving time, improving resource allocation and increasing more qualified opportunities and revenue.

Additionally, Account Profiling allows B2B marketers to excel in Customer Experience Management (CXM). It enables them to create a coordinated account-based buying experience across channels with sales that engages the right buyers with the right messaging no matter when or where a brand interaction occurs.

The process is simple—any marketer at any level can use it. By leveraging sophisticated AI-based models and more than 500 million data points from across the internet, marketers can know which accounts to target at scale with one-click. Once the accounts are identified, marketers can validate the lists using predictive scoring and fit indicators to show an objective view of why certain accounts are more likely to convert into revenue than others. The last step is to activate target account lists and deploy data-driven ABM campaign all within the same platform.

Learn more about Account Profiling here.