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PINO Stays Agile with Headless Commerce


Martin Mannowetz, E-Commerce Manager, PINO

Stefan Willkommer, Founder and CEO, TechDivision

Staying agile and quickly meeting customer needs is paramount. Like many businesses, PINO had long pursued a monolithic IT approach, which wasn't scalable and prevented the company from quickly responding to changing market conditions. The decision to use Magento Commerce as a headless solution with PWA Studio as an order engine for all digital touchpoints solved business issues like unifying sales systems, optimizing the experience and usability of the point-of-sale system, and reducing dependencies on IT and back-end systems.


Here's what you'll learn in this session:

  • How headless technologies like Magento Commerce are evaluated from an executive perspective
  • PINO's current state of development, the improved user experience, and their successes
  • Planned next steps to achieve an even better experience that can be improved continuously
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