Revolutionize digital CX in financial services with these top sessions from Adobe Summit 2023

According to our 2023 Digital Trends — Financial Services in Focus report, offering meaningful digital customer interactions is a top priority for financial service organizations in 2023. In response to customers’ increasing expectations, financial organizations are aiming to go beyond mere transactional relationships and provide personalized guidance toward achieving financial success.

Unfortunately, many financial firms are struggling to meet these expectations. Only one-third of financial services organizations are successfully delivering on the promise of personalization, and half of all financial services marketing and customer experience professionals acknowledge that their customer experience (CX) falls short of customer expectations.

To address these challenges, financial firms need a playbook for success. Senior leaders require insights on how to scale their efforts, while practitioners seek concrete strategies to personalize the customer experience and seize critical moments in individuals’ financial journeys. During Adobe Summit 2023, we explored these intricacies and shared impactful sessions featuring top financial leaders from renowned institutions such as Bread Financial, JPMorgan Chase, Vanguard, City National Bank, T. Rowe Price, Manulife, and Truist.

With over 200 sessions, Summit provided hands-on labs, preconference trainings, and networking activities to help equip financial firms like yours with the knowledge and strategies to overcome the challenges you face in delivering meaningful digital interactions. In this blog, we’ve compiled the most impactful Summit sessions to guide you on your journey to meaningful digital interactions.

How financial firms are scaling personalization

In the financial services industry, customer loyalty is a precious asset. It not only signifies trust in your role as a financial partner but also demonstrates your ability to provide support throughout your customers’ financial journeys. However, maintaining relevance while ensuring that personalization drives your success has become an overwhelming task without the proper resources.

As you begin delivering personalized financial experiences, or if you’re seeking ways to optimize your current efforts, the session The “How” of Personalization at Scale in Financial Services brings together experts from Adobe, Bread Financial, and JPMorgan Chase to provide valuable insights. Discover the latest research on operationalizing personalization in financial services, gain a deeper understanding of how industry leaders are advancing their efforts, and explore change management strategies that enhance enterprise agility in response to evolving needs.

For more valuable insights on operationalizing personalization at scale, don’t miss the session Reshaping the Digital World with Consent-Based Marketing. Learn from industry experts and discover innovative approaches to create meaningful digital interactions while respecting customer privacy.

Data quality is foundational to personalization

The financial services Digital Trends report supports the belief that data quality remains a persistent challenge for financial firms across the industry. The report states that financial firms have seen a significant increase in the number of organizations being hindered by poor-quality data this year compared to the previous year, rising from 21% to 46%. As firms advance their efforts, the issue of siloed data becomes more prevalent.

To address these ongoing challenges, the session Data Dream House: How FSI Builds for Cross-Channel Analysis delves into the reasons behind the persisting struggle with data quality and explores how Adobe solutions can provide valuable assistance. Led by experts from Adobe and Truist, this session showcases the practical application of Adobe Customer Journey Analytics and its ability to help defend budgets for products and platforms as personalization strategies mature.

Then, if you’re still looking for ways to level up your data, witness firsthand how data-driven insights can empower you to create customized experiences and optimize customer experience (CX) to exceed expectations in ways previously unattainable in the session Supercharge CX with Data-Driven Transformation.

If, after watching those sessions, you want to dig even deeper into data insights and audience management, check out these high-impact sessions:

Your content supply chain is key to success

Your content supply chain plays a pivotal role in achieving success in personalized experiences. Financial firms aspire to segment customers on the microsegment level, requiring cleaner data and an increased number of customer journeys to fuel these personalized experiences. However, the current trends from the financial services Digital Trends report show that only 5% of financial firms claim to be highly proficient in producing and streamlining content, eliminating rework, duplication of effort, and administrative tasks.

A staggering 57% of marketing professionals state that their financial firms need improvement in content capabilities to drive successful personalization programs. But cleaner data means more customer journeys, which means more content is required to fuel experiences.

Adobe Summit 2023 showcased real-world examples that exemplify effective content supply chains and streamlined content creation processes. Discover Vanguard’s remarkable website transformation, where their institutional investor business, in collaboration with Capgemini, harnessed Adobe Experience Manager to construct a client-centric digital platform rapidly. Through this implementation, Vanguard now delivers automated, brand-aligned experiences while simultaneously meeting compliance and operational efficiency goals.

However, what if the challenge lies not in the technology but in the content creation process? Integration issues between technology systems (63%) and workflow challenges (54%) emerge as the primary barriers hindering marketing and customer experience organizations.

Gain invaluable insights from The Journey to Driving Growth with Personalization at Scale. This session delves into how T. Rowe Price used work management solutions to connect every facet of their content creation process, overcoming hurdles and unlocking their potential for personalized experiences.

For a deeper dive into content-related topics, we recommend exploring these impactful sessions:

Using AI and other tools to support omnichannel experiences

In the face of economic uncertainty, financial firms are striving to empower their teams to achieve more with fewer resources. This is where the potential of AI comes into play. According to Deloitte’s State of AI, 5th Edition report, customer experience and marketing professionals are leveraging AI to address various challenges. AI is being utilized to support voice assistants, chatbots, and conversational AI (42%), enhance personalization efforts (40%), optimize contact centers (39%), analyze customer feedback (38%), and streamline customer service operations (38%).

During Adobe Summit, we gained exclusive insights into how City National Bank and Manulife have harnessed the power of AI to transform their marketing strategies from generic messages to tailored, specialized relationships that have a significant impact on their bottom line. Dive into the sessions Zero to Hero: Scale a Personalization Program that Delivers and How Manulife Drives AUM Through Digital Channels to discover how these industry leaders have successfully integrated AI into their marketing endeavors.

Uncover the full potential of AI and its benefits for your organization with these insightful sessions:

How Adobe can help

As financial services organizations strive to deliver personalized customer experiences, the journey may seem daunting, but it’s crucial for long-term success and to stay ahead of the competition. In this blog, we have explored various Summit sessions that provide practical solutions to overcome previous obstacles, achieve operational efficiency, and deliver personalized experiences that truly resonate with your customers.

Learn more about how Adobe Experience Cloud can help you connect with customers beyond financial transactions.