Bridging the Gap: Cross-channel Ad Optimization - S415

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  • Varun Bhansali

    Varun Bhansali

    Sr. Manager, Digital Marketing and Account Management, Adobe

  • John Garubba

    John Garubba

    Managing Director, Digital & Media Marketing, AAA Northeast


Walled gardens have evolved into content fortresses. The power of authenticated consumer touchpoints across search, social, and commerce publisher networks is becoming increasingly valuable. It’s time for performance management to also evolve. Our tools automate and provide optimization for media bidding by connecting enterprise data and publisher APIs to maximize advertising performance and drive business outcomes.

In this session, learn how to:

  • Stand out from competitors by using real-time AI optimization and making your advertising spend more efficient within and across channels and networks
  • Augment walled gardens and publisher tools with advanced optimization
  • Avoid an “either/or” approach when it comes to smart bidding

Public Track: Customer Data Management and Activation

Type: Session

Technical Level: General Audience, Intermediate, Advanced

Presentation Style: Case/Use Study

Audience Type: Advertiser, Campaign Manager, Digital Marketer, Marketing Executive, Mobile Marketer, Publisher, Audience Strategist, Channel Marketer, Social Marketer, Web Marketer, Marketing Practitioner, Media Planner

Industry Focus: Advertising/Publishing, Commerce, Education, Financial Services & Insurance, Healthcare/Lifesciences, High Tech, Industrial Manufacturing, Media & Entertainment, Telecommunications, Travel & Hospitality

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