Balancing Technology with People and Process in Digital Transformation - 2-B

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About the session

In a time when technology and digital transformation plays a big role in building the kinds of customer relationships that propel businesses forward, it’s important to remember that technology is only one part of the equation. The need for solid leadership, great employees, and adaptable operating models and processes is as critical as ever. Join this session for insights on how bringing the foundational aspects of the business together with must-have technologies can help your organization accelerate digital initiatives and modernize communications. 


In this session, you’ll learn:   


  • How to evaluate and establish a foundational set of digital capabilities 

  • Understanding the skill sets, process adjustments and change management required 

  • Focusing on a core set of use cases that will drive maximum impact 

Industry Focus: Financial Services & Insurance

Track: FSI

Session Type: Session

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