Fireside Chat with Sevrin Huff, Vice President, Software Engineering, DISH Network - K-2-3

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  • Sevrin Huff

    Sevrin Huff

    Vice President, Software Engineering, DISH Network

  • Ehren Hozumi

    Ehren Hozumi

    Vice President, Strategic Accounts, Media, Entertainment, Communications, and Sports, Adobe

About the session

Sevrin Huff and Adobe VP, Ehren Hozumi, discuss DISH Network’s ongoing digital transformation and Sevrin’s role in creating a center for digital enablement across DISH Network’s business units. Sevrin shares that a focus on “innovating around the edges,” developing a solid digital framework, and cultivating top talent are key to the growth of DISH Network’s Sling and retail 5G wireless businesses.

Industry Focus: Education, Financial Services & Insurance, Government, Healthcare/Lifesciences, High Tech, Manufacturing, Media & Entertainment, Retail, Telecommunications, Travel & Hospitality

Track: Experience Makers Success, FSI, Healthcare, Retail, Tech

Session Type: Keynote

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