3 Best Practices for Transforming your Marketing Organization - 1-C

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About the session

Exceptional marketers are characterized by their ability to be nimble - quickly pivoting budgets, resources, and plans when company or strategic direction changes. Creating a marketing system of record enables organizations to transform processes by unifying practices, enhancing collaboration and communication, and modernizing how marketing work gets done. In this session, Kristen Bernady, Senior IT Product Manager at Charles Schwab, will discuss core principles of the company’s marketing system of record and how they’ve improved teamwork and marketing impacts.   


In this session, you’ll learn:   


  • The importance of having one system of record for all marketing teams. 

  • How to easily automate compliance and other marketing requirements that can slow down creativity. 

  • How to enable better collaboration across departments.  

  • How to define and streamline process for true departmental transformation.

Industry Focus: Education, Financial Services & Insurance, Government, Healthcare/Lifesciences, High Tech, Manufacturing, Media & Entertainment, Retail, Telecommunications, Travel & Hospitality

Track: Experience Makers Success

Session Type: Session

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