The Modernization of Marketing for Digital, Experience-Driven Businesses - 2-C

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  • Akif Unal

    Akif Unal

    Head of North American Digital Marketing and VP Customer Orchestration, TD Bank

  • Christopher Young

    Christopher Young

    Director, Industry Strategy & Marketing, Financial Services , Adobe

About the session

Engaging customers at scale requires an evolution of the entire business. No business function today is more important than marketing when it comes to shaping and creating high-impact customer experiences that result in lasting engagement and higher sales. Join this session to hear an executive perspective on effective strategies for evolving marketing’s role and impacts on the business. 


In this session, you’ll learn how to:   


  • Elevate your marketing approach from being a campaign-driven one to one focused on enhanced segmentation and activation across all channels. 

  • Provide more personalized customer experiences and use automation to deliver it consistently at scale. 

  • Gain greater flexibility in your marketing organization and your ability to execute quickly and effectively.

Industry Focus: Financial Services & Insurance

Track: FSI

Session Type: Session

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