Personalization: It’s a Journey and a Destination. Here’s Where to Start. - 6-B

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About the session

By now, most brands around the world know they must embark on—or continue down a path of—digital transformation to meet customers where they are today and engage with them in compelling ways that they are rapidly coming to expect. And yet, even though it's a theme on the top of every CMO’s and CIO's mind (or should be), many just don’t know where to start? Conversations about digital transformation often center around impactful customer content that reaches across multiple channels and is rich with personalization. In practice, we all need to start somewhere, and that somewhere is often small. Chances are that you already have your digital foundation, and it's just a matter of building up from there. In this session, we take a look at ideal-state customer journeys across verticals. But to help you understand how and where to dig in on your digital transformation journey, we will also give you tips on where to start now.


In this session, you’ll learn more about:


  • Personalization opportunities across industries and how to reach a digital maturity level that will not only help you plan where you want to be in five years but will leave you with tactics and ideas for more immediate success.

  • Tactical next steps for optimizing customer journeys for brands of all sizes.

Industry Focus: High Tech

Track: Experience Makers Success

Session Type: Session

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