Bose Transforms Virtual Demos to Deliver Immersive Experiences - 5-B

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  • Cynthia Smith

    Cynthia Smith

    Director, Global Digital Experience and Activation, Bose

  • Michael  Klein

    Michael Klein

    Global Director, Industry Strategy & Marketing, Retail, Travel & Consumer Goods, Adobe

About the session

In an unprecedented time of limited in-person retail experiences over the past year, consumer electronics companies faced a big challenge addressing customer shopping needs in an online only environment. While digital experiences have traditionally been less effective in showcasing high-end electronics, Bose found ways to optimize virtual demos and delight audiences eager to try out and purchase new products. Join this session to learn how Bose innovated to deliver impressive virtual demos through a lean and iterative approach that resulted in greater customer experiences and business value.

In this session, you’ll hear more about:  
● How an innovative mindset and a determined team with a singular vision can create a series of customer experience breakthroughs.
● How customer experience technologies that foster collaboration and creativity can accelerate delivery and results.
● How your organization can take digital experiences to the next level with immersive virtual experiences.

Industry Focus: Retail

Track: Retail

Session Type: Session

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