Using Data Democratization and Activation to Solve Complex Healthcare Challenges  - 3-C

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  • Jeff  Roberts

    Jeff Roberts

    Global Director, Digital, Thermo Fisher Scientific

  • Tom  Swanson

    Tom Swanson

    Head of Industry Strategy & Marketing, Health & Life Sciences, Adobe

About the session

When it comes to personalizing digital experiences, data is key to success.  Data enables us to better understand our customers—and with that understanding, we can create and deliver highly personalized customer journeys online and offline. We can also use data to connect these customer journeys to improve clinical outcomes, addressing complex and critical healthcare issues.  


In this session, you’ll learn how to:   


  • Break down silos and make data available to everyone who can act on it. 

  • Activate customer data to deliver personal experiences that drive higher engagement and result in better clinical outcomes. 

  • Balance the use of data for personalization with privacy, security, and compliance requirements.

Industry Focus: Healthcare/Lifesciences

Track: Healthcare

Session Type: Session

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