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Redefining Government Experiences through Tailored Citizen Journeys

Carmen Michael, Director, Digital Content and Engagement, NSW Department of Education
John Mackenney, Principal Digital Strategist, APAC, Adobe

Carly Lynch, Head of Business Consulting, APAC, Adobe

During COVID-19, traffic to government websites increased by 230%. In times of crisis, it’s important that government communications are easy to understand, simple to navigate and full of empathy. While the private sector has already pivoted to focus on personalised experiences, it is now time for the public sector to follow suit to create relevant and impactful citizen experiences.


In this session, explore: -

  • The importance of showing empathy across every channel 
  •  Enhancing government capabilities through personalised communication and journey orchestration
  •  How to tailor the citizen experience to support citizens throughout hardships
  •  How tailoring citizen experiences can drive jobs growth and the digital reskilling of government workers
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