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Sharing a Piece of the Pie: Aligning Sales and Marketing Strategy

Chelsea Kiko, Marketing Operations Manager, McGraw Hill

Julz James, Senior Manager, Marketing Operations, Blue Prism

Giving your sales team a solid foundation with adequate marketing operations process training is crucial. Not only will your business thank you for it, but it will also help you work more effectively. Working closely with sales will not only ensure that SLAs are adhered to, but it will also help showcase marketing influence on revenue, so you can use campaigns and opportunities correctly.


Here’s what you’ll learn in this session:

  • How to effortlessly explain operational processes to sales.
  • The details behind campaign request processes, lead scoring, nurturing, and the marketing lifecycle — as well as how it helps increase revenue.
  • Proper training on marketing-qualified leads and how to get your sales team to engage.
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