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Three Principles for Creating Customer Loyalty in the Digital Age

Sofiya Deva, Chief Operating Officer, Warm Robots

We know that leading in the age of social media means prioritizing transparency, inclusion, and equality — but it’s not always apparent how to do that. Learn from Sofiya Deva, chief operating officer of Warm Robots, as she shares a simple framework for how brands can improve internal culture, win customer loyalty, and contribute to a better world by shifting mindsets and embracing radical humility.


You’ll learn these three core principles in this session:

  • Mutually empowering relationships are key for sustainable growth, and they require fair compensation
  • Privilege is often invisible to those who hold it and obvious to those who don’t — it must be engaged through an intersectional and self-reflexive approach
  • Purposeful communities are the natural context of work, and when we recognize that, we begin to be led by values
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