Experience Makers Stockholm

Thank you for being part of Experience Makers Stockholm 2022.

It was an inspiring day filled with actionable insights to accelerate your digital journey and explore new ways to drive success.

Experience Makers Stockholm 2022 may be over but let's continue our journey to learn, succeed, and get personal.

While we're preparing the Experience Makers content to be viewed on-demand, you can read more about how to improve your customer experiences.


Adobe Real-time Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Activate real-time customer profiles for instant personalisation, collaboration, and endless growth.

Find out more about how you can craft unforgettable customer experiences and make the most out of your valuable customer data with a Customer Data Platform.

Make it personal

Why today’s consumer refuses to be stereotyped. This decade’s customers expect to be seen as individuals. Strike the right balance by engaging in a more open, two-way exchange.

The Make It Personal report signals the dawn of a new age in the digital economy and it is time to get personal.

Laying the foundation for trust and personalisation

From living their brand purpose to respecting customer data to delivering valuable experiences, trust is earned – and broken – with every experience.

Read the 2022 Adobe Trust Report to see how data reveals important opportunities for building – and rebuilding trust – and what that means for the bottom line.

Helly Hansen

We have an extremely successful team here, which has grown from an Ecommerce team of four people when we started. Today we have a Digital Group of 46 people. We were very focused in the initial part of the Helly Hansen digital transformation around transforming commerce as a channel into a global consumer medium. Now consumers are the beating heart of the organization.” Says Chris Hammond, Chief Digital Officer of Helly Hansen.


As companies explore ways to improve the customer experience, documentation is getting more recognition for its role in creating loyal and satisfied customers. Clear and informative installation guides, user manuals, and service documentation elevate experiences by helping customers get more from their products and solve problems fast.

Bo Jensen understands the importance that documentation can bring to customer experience. For more than 15 years, he has helped a team of 40 technical writers support more than 6,000 products from Grundfos, the global leader in pumps and pump solutions.

Only by developing skillsets around scalable personalisation, setting a new standard in customer experience, will companies be able to thrive.

Find out what Adobe Real-Time CDP can do for your business