Powering AI-driven Real-time Customer Experiences

Pari Sawant — Adobe | Matthew Fritz — Samsung

Customer experience has taken centre stage, led by high customer expectations and an increasing competition. Delivering personalised experiences in real time is the key to driving long-term brand loyalty. AI is the paradigm shift that is enabling brands to sense, understand and respond to customer expectations in real time at scale. Learn how you can use the power of AI and machine learning with Adobe Experience Platform, the first purpose-built customer experience management platform to deliver continuous intelligence to drive personalised experiences at scale.

Here's what to expect in this session:

  • Learn how Adobe Experience Platform Data Science Workspace uniquely solves the challenges that enterprises face in delivering personalised experiences.
  • Watch how Data Science Workspace drives real-time experiences via a live demo.
  • Find out how customers are using AI and machine learning on Experience Platform for their use cases.
  • Get a preview of future areas of AI and machine learning innovation that will be available on Experience Platform.

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