Don’t Be a Basic Batch: How to Test for Nurture Programme Success

Jessica Kao, Jenn DiMaria — Digital Pi

Sometimes, it’s okay to be basic. As marketers, we don’t judge nurture programs based on their simplicity or complexity. Often times, the more basic, the better. While getting there might not be glamourous, marketers only need the work and effort to pay off. Learn the fundamentals of Marketo Engage nurture programme reporting and get a breakdown of best practices regarding testing capabilities. Assemble your way to success by building and testing an engaging nurture programme.

Here's what you'll learn in this session:

  • Expert tips and best practices around A/B testing in Marketo Engage.
  • How to implement nurture tracking to accurately determine success.
  • Real-life testing scenarios to determine if your nurture programme is really contributing to MQLs.

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