Adobe Summit Sneaks: New innovations offer a glimpse into a future of AI-powered personalized experiences

Customers expect brands to anticipate their needs and provide them with personalized experiences. Brands that deliver on this promise are already seeing increased conversion rates, customer retention, and loyalty.

At Adobe Summit 2022, Adobe showcased our latest innovations during the “Sneaks” event. Sneaks are projects from Adobe Labs, submitted by employees from across the globe that provide a glimpse into the future. Engineers, data scientists, researchers, product managers, and designers show how we are innovating with futuristic technology that can be used to create personalized experiences at scale.

Sneaks captivates our imaginations and activates our ability to dream bigger. Seven brave inventors unveiled their technologies — innovations that make online shopping more inclusive for people with color vision deficiencies to new collaboration tools within Adobe Experience Cloud.

The finalists of this year’s Sneaks harnessed the power of Experience Cloud to deliver more intelligent, interactive, and accessible customer experiences.

Project Demand Detector

With supply chain challenges expected to continue throughout 2022, retailers are looking for new methods and technologies to help them get ahead of trends and stock products that meet customer demand.

This project uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to analyze millions of data points to detect in-demand products that site visitors are clamoring for but failing to find. Project Demand Detector pinpoints which out-of-stock items are in highest demand so merchants can proactively identify if they should stock certain products. Since it is tied directly into Adobe Commerce, merchandisers can easily identify which vendors are best to purchase from based on all available data. With Project Demand Detector, brands can limit missed opportunities and maintain a loyal customer base.

Project KPI Pop

Identifying and measuring key performance indicators (KPIs) have been standard practices in the business world for decades. They are important measures for understanding a brand’s success, but there are often too many to process, resulting in the dreaded KPI. Project KPI Pop helps Experience Makers focus on the metrics that matter. The technology uses Adobe Sensei to analyze millions of data points from Adobe Experience Platform to quickly identify what is resonating (and what isn’t) with customers, and then it recommends the best next action to take. Brands can simulate these actions in seconds to course correct any issues that are discovered so they can keep KPIs on track.

Project Right Sized

It’s currently estimated that customers return around half of what they buy online, most often due to sizing issues. This project helps marketers solve their customers’ sizing problems with augmented reality (AR) that is accurate down to the millimeter. First, businesses embed invisible AR markers into digital product images on their websites. Customers then snap a photo of that product image to have the true-to-size product rendered digitally into their home. Brands that utilize Project Right Sized can expect lower return rates and much happier customers.

Project Winning Scores

“I want my customers to have a terrible experience,” said no brand ever. However, brands today are drowning in data and still have to ask whether their customers would recommend them on a scale of 1 to 10. Being able to pinpoint how a digital experience makes a customer feel can help Experience Makers identify opportunities for improvement. Project Winning Scores uses AI powered by Adobe Sensei to create customer experience scores. This is accomplished by tapping into existing Adobe Analytics data and applying an experience score to every visitor to a digital experience. Brands will be able to use this Sneak to identify and resolve paths that lead to poor experiences into paths that lead to a win.

Project Quick Connect

With more work being remote and teams being distributed, businesses require new tools that quickly connect their teams and provide visibility into how marketing campaigns are doing. This new project gives executives the ability to communicate with team members no matter where they are working in Adobe Experience Cloud. Marketers can discuss and share data and images to determine the actions to take based on discovered insights. They can also save relevant parts of the chat as Adobe Analytics annotations or within Adobe Workfront for posterity.

Project Style Blast

Customers now demand every interaction they have with a brand to be customized to their individual preferences. This project makes it easy for marketers to identify, style, and deploy email marketing content that will resonate with target audiences. This new tool in the Adobe Journey Optimizer email designer uses the AI and machine learning capabilities of Adobe Sensei to help marketers easily identify, style, experiment, and deploy email content, images, and more that will resonate with target audiences.

Project Design Decoder

As more businesses shift to a digital-first economy, there has never been a better time to put disability inclusion front and center. The new project applies machine learning and computer vision to help make online shopping more accessible for more than 300 million people globally with vision deficiencies. It can detect product images that are problematic for consumers with low vision or color blindness and instantly transform them into accessible renditions for customers shopping on their ecommerce site.